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Almost 12 Years Since America Was Turned Upside Down and Inside Out

9 days to go until the 12th anniversary of 911.

Remember that early September morning?

Everything was so perfect.

And then it happened.

Life in America hasn't been normal, or the same since 9-10-2001.

I still believe in yesterday.


I just ate a horse meat pie.

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I had no idea I was being

I had no idea I was being robbed until 5 1/2 years later - Jan 2007. Never saw it at all. Then I saw everything. It was overwhelming. My life didn't change until Jan 2007. (WTC-7)


Detached now...

and watching from afar...

I could scream my lungs to palsy and not reach the paralysis of our condition.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

It was just a normal post

It was just a normal post Dot-Com stock market bubble collapse day, when Boeing and US Airlines were on the ropes especially because of a collapse in business travel. My previous billion dollar machine shop employer had filed for bankruptcy shorty before.