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The biggest conspiracy of our lifetime has been exposed in plain view.

8 - 10 billion USD wasted each year, and 30mil lives "lost" supposedly.

Please answer this in your head, is AIDS/HIV a communicable, or infectious disease?

Was there a cure found that we don't know about?

Well, according to the CDC and US government via Wikileaks, the cure has been found!

This story was my very first "conspiracy" and it's like watching a baby grow up to become a successful adult....


For all those who don't believe a good conspiracy when you hear one... chew on this one for a while, you big dummies!!!

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6/8 other diseases on the

6/8 other diseases on the list are STDs. So basically what they are saying is that gonnorhea is a health risk but HIV/AIDS is not. "Communicable" means infectious, so the CDC is saying HIV/AIDS is not infectious. Can you get gonnorhea from shaking hands, sitting in someone's seat or even hugging someone? NO! So why are six non-lethal STDs "communicable" but HIV/AIDS is not??? Is there a cure??? Last I checked gonnorhea can be cured with a round of anti-biotics, but HIV/AIDS is a "death sentence!!!"

If we just think about that for a second, some Mexican immigrant with AIDS is OK, but if he has curable gonnorhea he is a threat and can be denied.

The CDC's final statement was, "HIV infection is being removed from the definition of a communicable disease of public health significance because it is no longer applicable based on current medical knowledge and practice, scientific knowledge, and public health practice. HIV infection is not spread by casual contact, through the air, or from food or water." THIS IS GOVERNMENT DOUBLE-SPEAK!!!!! READ IT AGAIN, "HIV INFECTION."

So are the other 6 STDs spread through air, food, and water? Is the US government telling me I can get gonnoerhea if I eat at McDonald's???

THE MOST DEADLIEST STD IN OUR LIFE TIME--billions spent on research, millions supposedly dead, no cure, no vaccine, but it's now classified as "non-communicable???"




I'm sorry about all that cancer.


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LOL! Used to love that show,

LOL! Used to love that show, thanks.

The secret cure is....

Irving 'Magic' Johnson's blood.

Or they gave him the real cure. Because he now HIV negative! He no longer has it. So.....?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Inventing the AIDS Virus

By Peter Duesberg...one of the best books I've ever read. Don't know who downvoted you -- probably someone who hasn't read any of the books you linked to.

Sure is

a big hoax!

From the comments of the Goodbye AIDS book..

"tragically wrong April 16, 2012
By Dianelos Georgoudis
Maria Papagiannidou was diagnosed to be HIV positive in 1989, stopped taking her medicine in 2007 believing it was all a hoax, and died from AIDS related causes this past 16 of April of 2012. She was 47. It is a tragic story."

The AIDS promoters are lying about her death ...

... even though I had never heard of her, I looked it up (search engines are your friend).

Most of the references to her death are from people who bash "AIDS Deniers" -- the term they use when they cannot present rational ideas and instead have to resort to ad hominem. But none of those sites actually try to figure out why she died. They assume that she "had AIDS" and, therefore, she must have "died from AIDS."

Well, there is a website that actually goes into detail in getting quotes from doctors who were involved in her case. It turns out that she took toxic drugs due to malpractice (doctors claiming she "had AIDS") and nearly died from those drugs. But when she stopped taking them, she regained health.

However, the drugs took a toll on her body and lead to her getting anemia. Her doctors once again engaged in malpractice and put her back on the drugs due to her having anemia. The drugs caused more complications and THAT is why she died.


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a cure?

Do these shed some light?

link in this article points to another,as it is the same address,
It wouldn't make much sense to post both

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.


Here's another article about it:

I don't think this is the cure that the OP had in mind, but it's neat to see progress like this being made.

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cool indeed

I read a while ago about magic johnson,how he was cured
then returned to play
found this site interesting


especially this paragraph,while not knowing too much about this subject
it appears to me,they talk in circles

Also, like many of us, his HIV medications have driven his HIV plasma viral load to undetectable levels. This does not mean he is cured or that he is no longer HIV positive.

even though he may test "undetectable" on PCR viral load tests.
to me,what this says is this,while there is no cure,there kind of is,seeing them drugs get it down to undetectable levels,and this lets the immune system take over

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.


About that leak ... it was actually published back in 2009:

What's really bizarre is that the article about the "leak" even *says* that the rule change was published in 2009. The bit that's bold-faced, as if it might be the secret new information gleaned from wikileaks, isn't news either, the same thing is spelled out in the 2009 publication. So what's the idea here, that the rule changet was published in 2009 and implemented in 2010 but nobody knew this until wikileaks turned up a cable saying the same thing that was made public at the time the cable was sent?

As conspiracy theories go, this one's not off to a good start.

Someone else already pointed out that there's nothing whatsoever in the "leak" that says or implies that a cure has been found, and the linked article doesn't try to make that claim.

And the logic behind this conspiracy is hard to follow. Homeland security stopped checking for HIV infection on entry because there's a cure. But it's a cure we don't know about. So it's a cure that's not being given to people. So they're letting people with HIV into the country, because there's a cure, even though it's a cure that nobody is getting. Or are they? You say the 30 million lives were lost "supposedly" -- so they aren't really dead? Sooooo confusing.

This one needs some work.

Not bizarre at all. First of

Not bizarre at all. First of all, yes, they considered it in 2009 and made a final rule on it in 2010, but let this be clear, 6/8 of the diseases that the CDC defines as communicable are SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES.

Can you get gonnorhea from sitting next to someone on a plane???

Can you get it by shaking hands with someone????


Then why does the CDC classify the most deadly STD of our lifetime differently from other STDs???

Is gonnorhea more difficult to cure than HIV/AIDS???

Is gonnorhea airborne???

Can you get gonnorhea from sitting on a toilet seat???

The answers are NO!!!!!!!

Is gonnorhea a casual contact disease?

Are HIV/AIDS and gonnorhea both communicable diseases? Yes, but no according to the CDC.

The answers are common sense and can be easily found.

So why does the CDC think otherwise?


And so should all of you....

We were lied to, plain and simple, and this "disease" is a money making scam like cancer....

The folks voting me down are

The folks voting me down are BIG DUMMIES!

The evidence is there, it's been there for years, millions died because of a Big Pharm scam. The government and Big Business has pulled another scam on the Amrican people, and the world, and nobody cares.

By 1990 the CDC said that 90million Americans would be dead. LOL!!!!!! BULL$#IT!!!!!

We should all be dead by now....

This document says nothing

This document says nothing about any cure. It says HIV is a treatable STD, and will not be treated as a serious communicable disease for VISA applications. In other words, you aren't going to catch it because someone was on a plane with you mor coughed on you. It is up to people to be careful about their sexual activity. You might think this is a stupid policy, I sure do, but it has absolutely nothing to do with a cure or any conspiracy.

By posting such misleading bullsh1t, you make yourself a liar and make anything you say suspect and less than credible.

You're WRONG!!!Then why is

You're WRONG!!!

Then why is gonorrhea on the list??? You cannot catch gonorrhea by hugging, nor shaking hands, nor even kissing. It is not a casual encounter disease. It is a communicable disease that can be cured with simple anti-biotics. HIV/AIDS is THE communicable disease of our lifetime and most if not all countries in the world still consider it to be.

HIV = AIDS is a lie. The government is finally starting to try and sweep it under the rub. It's the biggest conspiracy of our lifetime brought to us by the same folks that brought us Reagan and Bush 1 and 2. Big Pharm is evil and so is the American medical industry.