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Write to your congress-critters!

My letter to my congressman and two senators:

Dear Senator Warren:

Please vote against any kind of military strike against Syria. All war involves unintentional civilian casualties, as would the strikes against Assad proposed by President Obama.

We don't need more innocent blood on our hands, or more blowback from our military aggression in the Middle East. We especially don't need to shed innocent blood in a country that is no threat to us.

Moreover, an aggressive military strike violates basic principles of justice. We have not been attacked, or even threatened. While a defensive war is sometimes moral defensible, an offensive war is always a moral offense.


Thomas R. Eddlem

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Thank you Tom :-)

Please tweet, email, facebook! All it takes is a phone call and a post card!

Demand your representative to represent you!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul