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WOW! Hillary Mann Leverett A New Hero. School's Warmongers on MSNBC


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Good girl!

She talks very fast, but not too fast. She doesn't let herself be interrupted, and interrupts others at exactly the right time. There aren't a lot of others who could have pulled that off.

Hillary is great!

But what's amazing to me is the calm confidence the warmongers display...how casually they "debate" actions that would lead to the deaths of millions.

But that's how zionuts think...keep everybody fighting each other...

Think about the Syrians watching this...the terror they must be feeling knowing that any minute the United States might start dropping missiles on them and their families.

If people can't see that American foreign policy IS NOT in the hands of the American people, but rather controlled by other oh so special groups...they're blind. Our foreign policy is disgusting, and definitely not based on traditional American values.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

Marry me!

I love this woman! How great was it watching her speaking truth to these "serious" media pundits? Fantastic. You could tell she wanted to slap the smug off their lizard faces, so she did it verbally instead.

After Ms. Leverette brilliantly smashes their non-arguments lol

@16:00 Richard Wolffe: "Let's just leave the evidence question aside," so I can lie some more.

I say strap those yapping heads, minus Hillary Mann Leverett,

to a few cruise missiles and fire them into the sea somewhere in the atlantic.

All those hacks were so

All those hacks were so embarrassed w/ an honest person in the room.

You know MSNBC has problems

You know MSNBC has problems when one of the seats they have to fill becomes their online executive editor.

The news media today is filled with "reporters", "correspondents", and "editors" who act as "experts". There are no more journalists or people who actually investigate anything. At least they had one person who knows what is actually going on.

They just had a debate on the

They just had a debate on the question of evidence, then imediatly talk about assad as if they already had the evidence.....a done deal attitude, moving past that into action, while the world is STILL asking for E-VI-DENCE

Oh yeah, no agenda here.......THIS IS WHY YOU ARE GETTING RESSISTANCE, and we will show everyone who wants to see it

"WOW" is to weaker word for

"WOW" is to weaker word for what i just saw

Caring, spirit, concern, critizism, contemplation......you blew me away Ms Leverrete, i salute you for voicing our voices so well........and god bless you for the tit bits of education

and heres the catch 21, BECAUSE of this behaviour, you lose the trust required to believe ANY evidence you muster up.........evidence, AFTER the "fact"

Paraphrasing"ive heard

"ive heard people advance that, i guess, "scenario" before, that this was not actually assad that orderred this attack"

Oh, you mean like the "SCENARIO" that assad DID order the attack

"what would be the evidence for what youre suggesting"

Great fucking question /s

what would be the evidence for what YOURE suggesting

Obama wants two days worth of

Obama wants two days worth of strikes, for what purpose, if your going in because of chemicals, then i guess you mean to go for the chemicle weapons right, not make it easier for the assad regime to fall.....because one is different from the other, and you'd be liars TOO, fucking manipulators........dont play dumb when these accusation are then made of you.......we predict them, and you stupidly comply.......the only reason i can think for that, is that something drives them more then the danger of being transparent.......if you have something to hide

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The name Hillary now has a positive ring to it!

Like the name Adolph, I never thought the name Hillary could ever have positive connotations. Wrong! That name now does. Hillary had points to make and these other propagandists could not stop her from making them. Rogin wanted to slug her by the look on his face. She reminded me of Alex Jones being interviewed by Piers Morgan. In fact, Hillary just earned herself a job on the Alex Jones Network, IMO. Great post!

Damn Girl!

Now that's how one dominates a conversation.

airstrike for humanitarian purposes..


Go Hillary

I can't stand richard wolfe &

I can't stand richard wolfe & Heather Hurlburt even more. National Security Network? Get the hell out of here!

Heather Hurlburt

Appeared to be quite pleased with herself for making the implication that people opposed to intervention are isolationists there at the end.

What a hag...

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

a sign of someone who has

a sign of someone who has nothing more substantial to say, unless they get one or more braincells to fizzle and remember another parot point

Tough love

Its like the guys eyes to the

Its like the guys eyes to the left of the lady are going all over the place- but on purpose and so blatant. just to freak people out who are paying attention. I cant be the only one who saw that. Just saying... We have the power and the right and we as a movment are on the right track. just keep following the truth.


I noticed it too. Like a teenager expressing disgust at getting lectured or something.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

These people make me sick!

These people make me sick! They are worse than sports writers, lower than lobbyists. They add nothing to society. They are probably sick individuals in their free time. They are professional sycophants and liars.

More hacking at the leaves, rather than the root.

The bulk of this debate was about evidence of a chemical attack. Who cares if it was chemical or not? It's totally irrelevant!

Nobody made that point.

Not even our hero who voted for Obama and now is in the process of awakening made that point.

She got close though, when she was saying that IT IS NOT THE UNITED STATES' duty or responsibility to punish other countries.

That is close to the main point. There's something called national sovereignty. Would we have appreciated it after the BATF burned over 70 men, women and children at Waco if a foreign country would have dropped bombs on the U.S.?

Or take the rampant abuses and violations of our human rights being perpetuated RIGHT NOW by the Obama administration. Would we appreciate bombs being dropped on our cities for trying to teach us a lesson in human rights? Well, if it was Washington DC, many may make an exception...

The point is, debating evidence is a waste of time. We obviously CANNOT trust what our government says and cannot trust what the U.N. says. We have to live by principle and morality.

And when our pathological lying government says we have to bomb them to stand up for the innocent, we must know THEY ARE LYING! And even if they were telling the truth, we must recognize that it's the Syrian people's problem, not ours. Just as our rogue criminal government is our problem.

Instead of dealing with the mote in Syria's eye, we must remove the beam from our own eye, and cleanse the inner vessel, even the head of our government.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Did I hear Ms.Hurlburt call the other lady Hillary Rightwing ?


It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

lol read that as miss

lol read that as miss hurtbutt

What a complete joke

These people are so entitled to their opinions that they never get challenged. I'm sick and tired of debates where neither side gets to plead their case completely which would expose the lies and show a clear winner. I think this, and so many other, issues would be a no-brainer for the masses if all debate games were stopped.

Can we find any way to facilitate a full, ongoing, no gaming, no topics barred debate that the public can reference to get their info? I simply refuse to believe it's not possible so get to it, people!



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Pure Awesome!

I wish she had a twitter account so we could follow her!

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