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This clip gives new meaning to the phrase "The Pot Calling The Kettle Black"

Malkin Slams Dems for 'Stunning Hypocrisy' on Syria


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Hypocrites pointing fingers and hypocrites


This one has me confused

They're accusing Obama and Biden of being hypocrites for conducting an attack without Congressional approval. But there hasn't been an attack yet and they ARE seeking Congressional approval. Both Malkin and Hannity both want more war, a much bigger war, a war so big it'll reflect the "lessons learned in Iraq" by not being so timid with the attack and, per Hannity, "the follow through" It seems like in the face of a momentary loss of momentum in the blood lust run up to war the establishment has sent a new message to the MSM. Confuse the shit out of everyone while we figure out what's next...

I wish hannity would drop dead

heart attack...car wreck...anything would be fine. Hes a psychopath

Hmm.. A practiced liar, and bearer of false witness.

Credibility = Zero.

Bump for later.

Free includes debt-free!