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If you support Assad, this is what you support Peace? NOT!

Make up yur own mind, but be informed, not just part of a crowd that wants this for you SYRIAN CONFLICT-GROUND ZERO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0H6Vh9wO6Rg

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How much does liberty mean to you?

Al Quada is part of the Jihadists, not the Free Syrian Army (Syria's Liberty Movement).

Assad has support of over 70%

Assad has support of over 70% of his population...numbers Obama could only dream of here in the US.


How can this be a 'popular uprising'? 70% support and 20% are unsure. The people are not trying to overthrow their government. It's all propaganda.

Overthrowing Assad and having the terrorists take over would be a living hell for the people of Syria.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Liberty is very important to me

Which is why I don't propose to use other peoples' money to pay other people to kill other people.

If I felt strongly enough I would do it myself.

Also the FSA is not going to defeat Assad or Al Nusra. If that was even likely you might have a sort of a point. Not enough to kill people over but a small point.

Even if so.. the FSA isn't exactly a 'liberty movement' in any way we mean. Patriots maybe. Likely less bad than the other two options. But not a liberty movement. Even if they were to miraculously come out on top, in the BEST circumstance they would just set up another fascist state like the US.

I don't consider people trying to set themselves up as new rulers over their fellow men, even if less malevolent then the previous rulers, to be a 'liberty movement' and yes that includes people like Hamilton and Madison.

The Free Syrian Army

The secular Syrians were enjoying their freedom to protest Assad's new laws. The Syrians were just waving signs. Assad began killing them at protests. Then he shut the net down so no one could send out info. The he began going home to home chasing 5 million out and killing hundreds of thousands, taking out infrastructor..historic sites. The free Syrian Army started by Assad troops who refused to kill unarmed innocent civilians, children..

The FSA is for freedom.. they were not a political party. Thay were chocked by what Assad is doing. And then the Johadists began coming in.. they were opposed to secuklar Syria and they are killing infidels.. some folks think they are part of the rebels.. they may have infiltrated in some places, but for the most part, the FSA is by, of and for Syrians.

So you can see.. this was not some kind of foiled coupe.. this was shoke and awe.. one day you're waving signs and the next thing you know, military police show up and gun everyone down.. everywhere in the country.. no one was prepared to take office from Assad.. anymore than anyone in the Liberty Movement is porepared to take Obama's office.

Even if you are correct about

Even if you are correct about the FSA it's still wrong to steal other people's money to pay other people to kill other people.

If you want to kill people go do it yourself. Ask people who agree to pay you voluntarily.

Don't force me to pay. Don't force me to kill. Don't force me to participate.

I am not convinced the FSA are the angels you seem to think.

I am not convinced they have even a remote chance even if they are.

I am not convinced that it's worthwhile killing people just to set up a different ruling class.

I promise you the FSA is not the Revolutionary Agorist Cadre who will stand down once people are free.

FSA are not angels, yet

FSA were a bunch of sign wavers protesting Assad, who handed them their asses when he began mowing them down.. for protesting.. they were not planning a coup.. they were not a political party.. they were just like any Liberty Movment any where in the world.. Assad doesn't wnt them.. and is taking them out and many are fleeing while Jihadists clean up the infidel infestation, that Assad can not do leaglly.

As for the excuse about we don't have the money and you can't take the money by force. They do it all the time.. for things you don't approve.. what's freedom worth?

Yeah they do it all the time

And they may do it this time.

That doesn't mean it's right or that we shouldn't try to stop it.

Freedom is worth a lot, that's why I don't support violating anyone's freedom, as you do.

Even if I believed FSA are angels and could win, I still would not condone stealing someone else's money to pay someone else to kill someone else.

That's multiple and massive violations of freedom of everyone in the US who is forced to pay.

Much as I hate theft for welfare, if my money is going to be stolen anyway I prefer it not to be to kill people in my name.

The fact that people do it all the time really doesn't matter. People rape, kill, steal all the time. Most of them wear suits and get voted into office.

That doesn't mean I should support it.

You could be right about the FSA. It still doesn't make bombing people right. As a practical matter if the FSA really could win and were good guys this is what commandos like SF and SEALS are supposed to be for. To help insurgents.

If we stopped using them to assassinate people (or fake assassinations) maybe we could use them for something less evil, like helping the FSA.

I feel for the Syrian people. Sadly due to our blundering the Syrian people have been forced to cleave to a dictator as the better choice.

Assad is bombing people

Do we give him the idea that it's ok.. go ahead Islam.. have your way, our way is to let you in the name of being broke and peace..

Over 1000 Syrian soldiers defected hours ago and the Assads cheif minister just defected to Turkey.. so the saber rattling is working.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YP8dGEvuKlw

you have no idea what you are

you have no idea what you are talking about.

I may have a hard time conveying what I'm talking about

Bt I do have an idea what I'm talking about because I'm been studying this for months, while everyone was going ape over snowden.. I was posting about Israel, and truing to be informative, but it appears, that some are not here to share ideas, but promote their agenda, which what I'm talking about doesn't blame Israel and the USA..

"...some are not here to share ideas, but promote their agenda

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

I'm not protesting

just stating a fact.. I'm here to share my personal ideas and some here have agendas.. nothing wrong with agendas.. just seein' them for what they are.. but I;m not complaoning if that's what you mean.. agenda away.. I got my own ideas..

No one is blaming the people of the USA and Israel.

We are blaming their bloodthirsty politicians. If you really cared about the people of Israel (and the USA), you would quit trying to promote the start of WWIII. In that scenario, NOBODY WINS.

That's not where I'm seeing the blood thirst

Assad is very blood thirsty and so are the Jihadists helping him. Israel and the US had a missle test in the Med. no big deal.. Obama administration has to look tough.. but they have to time everything for Hillary to save us..

I think therie is a lot of brainwashing or just a lot of assumptions by those who think they get me, but all they seem to get is what they think.. I think the US should take Israel's lead.

Right now Liberty in Syria is losing.. are you watching the rebels.. that could easily be any one from the Liberty Movement.. they say the same things about Assad, folks here say about Obama...

Let me get this straight --

the Jihadists are HELPING Assad? Then why is he trying to fight them? If they were to take over, he'd be beheaded! Granger, I don't have any idea how old you are, but could you possibly be getting senile?

Assad has secular power that limits him

Islam has Allah power, which Assad, as close as Islam is to his heart, the secular world stops him from doing what he really wants to do. Be at one with Islam. Jihadists are with Islam, and why he left the gate open for them.. they oppose his secular power.

So the Jihadists and Rebels both oppose Assad's power, the Rebels, his abuse of it and human rights.. this is criminally insane what he's doing.. and the Jihadists can wipe out the infidels everywhere they find them, Assad's troops, the Rebels.. they do it for Islam and Allah.. not for liberty, but for Islam.

If the Jihadists take over, Assad can give Syria to Islam, go live in Muslim bliss, and live a long time as a hero to Islam..

Wait a minute, you mean I

Wait a minute, you mean I don't have to pick a side in a war, I can just not be for intervention? LOL. False choices are needed to divide and conquer the sheep.

So why is it if I don't support bombing Assad, I am guilty if he kills people? The only thing left in the propaganda 101 manual is decry that the pacifists are unpatriotic.

You're not guilty

I;m saying that protesting, it's contrived and the mesage you think you're giving isn't going to be the message that gets out there.

Assad is wiping out Syria's Liberty Movement. Liberty Movementers have no problem, why should I.. wipe 'em out Assad! Wipe those Liberty Lovin Syrians right off the face of the earth.

When they came for the Syrian Liberty Movement, I was not a Syrian, so I did NOTHING...

The rebels may have some

The rebels may have some liberty minded people, however the muslim extremists that are the dominant fighters, are not. You would be trading an authoritarian in Assad for Mega authoritarians that would impose Sharia law.

Assad allows some religious freedom like Christianity, the jihadis would not. Are you either a Christian, atheist, jew, homosexual, or woman's rights supporter? Good chance you would get your head sawed off with a rusty knife, by those Syrian "Paulites", lol. If you are a single issue voter, and anti-abortion, then you would share some common ground with Ahmed Washington, and Abdul Jefferson.

The Syrian Rebels are like the Syrian Liberty Movement.

While Assad decided it was time to destroy the secular Syria and the Free Syrian Army, he let Jihadists come into Syria, to help him clean up the Islamis part of Syria.. The Jihadists are against Secular Syria like the Rebles, but the Jihadists are also against the rebels because they are infidels or sunni/sufi..christian..

do people in liberty

do people in liberty movements eat the hearts and livers of those they oppose? Do they behead those they oppose? do they murder kids because they are not liberty minded? Do we see Ron Paul telling us liberty warriors to use sarin gas? as I said. You have no idea what you are talking about. so Al Qaeda is a liberty movement now?

Hi Granger, I support you....

Because you are so passionate and believe we should attack, I have taken the liberty of helping you realize your goal.


Put your money where your mouth is! Tell them you want to go right to the front because you are such a devout believer.....

Good luck!

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

I never said we should attack

I have said we should take Israel's lead. I don't agree with Kerry's stratigy, I actualy get the idea Kerry is ready to be done with Israel.. Israel is way ahead if the USA.. and athre's that macho thing happening dealing with Islam..

I am a believer, but my beiel is not about any amegeddon. There will be wars and rumors of wars. and I think Obama is rummoring.. and I do think that is smart, because what Assad is doing is criminally insane.

I just think Israel has got a way better grip, and the USA doesn't need to mess up that grip by proving they have big WMD. I don't agree and never did that we should bomb anyone.. and I understand that's what many thought when they went to the protest.. they don't think.. those free syrain army is like the liberty movement milita, up against the feds destroying the country, an open border to looters and murders, and MSM.

Do you think Jefferson should have made an exception for Israel?

"Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none." ~ Thomas Jefferson

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

If constitutional.

I think President Jefferson would support an alliance if it was constitutional.

This is a tragic picture of war.

It reminds me very much of the dreadful videos I watched during the Libyan war. They could be the same videos for all I know. On that occasion the bombs and artillery fire were coming from the NATO and their proxy al Qaeda LIFG fighters. Similar videos can be seen from the Cast Lead Israeli operation in Gaza.

It is difficult to know if the doctors being interviewed were actually working there since their clothes were so clean. They may have simply cleaned up for the interview. One thing one doctor said was very interesting. He said that they could send their more difficult patients to the Assad controlled area and they would receive treatment there since that was a safe area and rich, implying that where he was was the opposite. Another doctor indicated that patients could not receive treatment from the Assad hospitals so what does one believe?

The doctors said that they were the targets along with the hospitals and the bakeries. The implications are obvious. The Assad forces were targeting the sources of sustenance and recovery to bring about a surrender. That at least is credible evidence. Similar stories can be heard in any war including those waged by the "good guys".

My question is why would the US and its allies continue to provide funds and munitions to the mercenaries and send them into Syria and pay them to fight Assad? Is that going to increase or decrease the civilian deaths? Like it or not Assad is the ruler of a country and the men fighting him are in many cases not even from the country.

Supporting the insurgents, whoever they are, is not going to reduce civilian casualties. If we want to stop the atrocities pictured in this video we have to stop supporting the Islamists with men and materiel and bring about a cease fire and a negotiated peace. That this is unlikely I accept since those profiting from this war, from the bloody anguish portrayed here, have no concern for these children who are the most innocent victims. The warmongers want to escalate and cause more casualties. They are insane, cruel and bloodthirsty.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

You started a thread or two asking us if you should leave.

And my opinion at the time was "no," but seeing your activity lately has me wondering why you "threatened" to leave at all if you were just going to become a troll.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.


I voted for her to stay and still would.

She is a great example of what we are up against.

Grainger, you are beginning to turn my theory into a law.

"You cannot be both a Zionist and a liberty lover."

Nobody here, I know, supports Assad. We just oppose yet ANOTHER war for the banksters, military-industrial complex and those with illusions about a "Greater Israel".


You said "not", cause you really didn't mean what you said just before. Hahahahaha! That is such a funny and original thing you did there. Not!