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My Pictures from 'No War on Syria' Rally St. Louis 8/31/13

A 6 mile march in temperatures of about 110 degrees (with heat index); much credit to those who marched and who stood for hours in the heat, waving signs at Kiener Plaza.

Yes, that's a Ron Paul shirt.

If you like my pictures, please click here to vote for no war against Syria.

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Tourism not Terrorism

Bombing is either "real war" or terrorism

War for Peace?

Kill to Protect?

Tourism not Terrorism

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

love the signs!

Especially the multi-colored Peace signs. ;-)

Thank you!

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

I think the signs

are beautiful. I bet the retro, colorful signs stirred up feelings and memories for the over 50 observers.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift


I'm 35, but thanks for playing.

People get tired of seeing the same stupid color scheme and symbol. The same scheme and symbol were waived while protesting Vietnam and is being used 50 years later protesting Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pretty original eh?

Good god

Get rid the technicolor signs. Jesus Christ this isn't the 60's anymore. No one, and I mean NO ONE looks at those ridiculous multicolor signs with peace signs plastered all over it.

There was a protest earlier today about not bombing the Syrians, and I am against this war 110%. But the moment you start plastering these stupid ass peace signs over multicolor backgrounds you just turn people off.

The comment I heard a sheeple say "Look another unwashed hippie holding up a stupid peace sign, no originality for 50 years you'd think they'd learn when no one takes them seriously anymore."

This coming from your target audience, upper to middle middle class. The very minds we are trying to wake.

New times call for new tactics and new signs.

Not a big fan of PERSUASIVE

Not a big fan of PERSUASIVE writing I see.

Of Course i am

The other signs are great and infomative. My problem is with the 60s cultural usage of a color scheme and sign that have been used in every protest since the 60s. Everyone likes and will read originality. A tired old message that's been seen a million times gets the same result of advertising signs on a long a highway. Barely a look.

The message is the same, peace that's what we all want. Ditch the multicolor background with a peace sign plastered all over it. No one bothers to look or even read the message anymore once that's seen.

And the moment YOU start

plastering these stupid ass comments, YOU just turn people off, as well as lose credibility. Maybe next time you should actually attempt to educate the "sheeple" of their ignorance, or did that not cross your mind? Or is it the same ignorance you possess?

De criminalize Liberty!


Thanks for posting. The problem isn't the signs...the problem is that there aren't enough people carrying them.


Let me guess, you're the one with originality that had the bright idea of getting a multicolor sign and putting some tired worn out and overused peace sign all over it?

I am educating people, not standing on a street waving some stupid ass multucolor peace sign that NO ONE even bothers to look at anymore. 50 years. Do you get that? 50 fucking years idiots have been waving multicolor signs with peace signs on it. Yeah way to go for originality. Do you think that the message got across 50 fucking years ago? We're still waging war more so now. Something tells me the signage isn't working. But no thats just me relaying my ignorance apparently.

Keep waving your multicolor peace sign and keep asking yourself why no one notices and why no one cares, or why NO ONE will take you seriously. If you didn't catch my drift in any of this triad it all boils down to those stupid multicolor signs with peace signs plastered all over it have LOST THEIR MEANING!!! But by all means keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Are you


De criminalize Liberty!

Are you an idiot?

Why don't you get some flower power signs? You know to keep it with that original theme you've got going. Don't forget the tired old slogan of give peace a chance. Also make sure to wear a head band and tie dye t-shirt to really set yourself apart.


You may dislike my opinion but it's the truth. You EDUCATE no one with those stupid ass, worn out, tired and over used technicolor backgrounds with peace signs.

And if "Are you retarded"? is the only thing you can come back with. Then apparently that's all you can come up with in your signs.

Hence why I called you out for your complete lack of originality.

A simple "yes" would have sufficed..

You should have just kept your mouth shut and let everyone assume your ignorance, rather you open your mouth and prove it. Funny, your comments keep this thread bumped. So, why exactly are you bumping a thread with "worn out, tired and over used" signs? I'd ask my question from above again, but it's quite clear the answer was YES. Feel free to bump these signs again by commenting.

P.S...Your mom ;-)

De criminalize Liberty!

A simple I'm not original would of sufficed.

That's OK though. It's pretty apparent that you aren't original and you like to pander to the lowest common denominator.

Keep looking like an idiot on the side of a road. Let me know how that works out for ya OUTSIDE of a website ok? ;-)

I keep bumping the thread to make a point, but you're too stupid to pick up on it.

You're pandering to a subculture not the general population. The general population (you know the ones you are trying to target) don't even bother giving you a second look or the signs. I thought the other signs were fine and even said so. They displayed an informative message as well a point concerning tyranny. It's the ones that keep coming back from the 60's that are tired, worn out and over used. No original message, no original art work, and no difference from ones that were waived over 50 years ago. So you like being compared to dirty unwashed hippie or those code pink morons who just protest for a living?

It's called targeting your audience.

Your inability to grasp that simple concept really is frightening. Please tell me you aren't this inept in real life.


You are wrong.

Signs, people and material, if done right, can educate passers-by. You may dislike my fact, but it is the truth.

Admittedly, many people have their minds already made up. For those on the fence, or possibly not aware because of their own daily lives, it is a way to show unity, and positions. Having printed material handy helps reinforce the position.

Based upon much experience.. YMMV

Btw: I used to sell tie dye t-shirts in LA many years ago. It was both profitable, and fun :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Not so

I've lived in many many states across the country. The general theme OUTSIDE of California has been if you're waving a multicolor sign with a peace sign plastered all over it it never gets a second look.

People get turned off and don't even bother to give it a second look. I asked a guy I just started working with what he didn't like about the message? He said it's the same message, as soon as he saw the peace sign he never bothered to look at it further.

The same held true for the woman I worked with. I've worked at Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM. I am not making any of this up. The consensus has been the same. I could care less what the sign color is, I'm relaying from the people you are trying to target.

Yet I'm the bad guy by relaying my observations. PEOPLE DO NOT LOOK AT THE SIGNS.

You can think the media for that too. They see someone waving a multicolor sign, having a peace sign and the negative connotation is unwashed dirty hippie.

But hey if that's the message you want to relay, and the message you want to spread. So be it. I'm just relaying what is seen on the OTHER SIDE of the sign, you know the people this woman was trying to target with her message.

Unless you're targeting the hippie subculture your message isn't getting out. Enough said.

"Enough said"

You have obviously cited those whose minds have already been made up.

My goal is to reach the hearts and minds of the American people. It is slow, but results are somewhat favorable.

You have quite a resume. Soon you may catch up with mine.

PS: It helps to include a sign that says "HONK". It also helps to invite local media to the event. When some lead, others follow. Pretty much the same way as when there is a project manager.

Though it is not by Ron Paul, here is one of my favorite quotes:

"Lead, follow, or get out of the way" - Lee Iacocca

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I saw you guys

I had read that there was a protest march starting at Art Hill...and me and my family were planning on going to the Art Museum at exactly the same time. (We were visiting from out of town.) I kept leaving them with their Degas' and Rembrandts so I could run out and see how the protest was shaping up.

It was small, as I suspected it would be, but it was quite diverse. White, black, female, male, young, old, left, right, and Libertarian. I got a card from one of your participants and I was pleased to see that there was a Ron Paul connection. I told him that I ALMOST wore my Ron Paul 2012 t-shirt to the Museum.

Anyway, sorry I could not take part. Sorry it did not turn out bigger. Glad you did it.


"Power to the Peaceful!" Brilliant!

Great signs!

Great signs!