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Putin to Obama: 'As A Nobel Prize Winner, Think about future Syria victims'


Putin is a rockstar right now.

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Putin MORE POPULAR Than Obama???

What do you think? If we were to poll people that pay attention to US politics, do you think Putin would be more liked than Obama?

Russians Displaying World Leadership

My wife is Russian, so I might be a bit biased. However, Russia and Putin lately have really been making efforts to find a peaceful and diplomatic solution to Syria. In doing so, they are quite "Truthfully" pointing out Obama's and the US arrogrant and mindless policy towards the World, esp. Syria right now.
I read/translate many Russian news stories, and I am getting more truth from them about what is going on, than any of the lies and propaganda the US Mainstream news is putting out.

While Putin is not an angel, he does care about Russia and the Russian people. He is starting to do and say things like someone who is more deserving of a Peace Prize than Obama. At least he is trying, all Obama wants is bombs on Syria.

My my.

Isn't Russia getting a major dose of SEX IT UP?
Leopards and Russian Bears DO NOT change their spots....ever!
This man has blood on his hands too.

I'm sorry, did THAT just happen???

Even though I am Polish and should feel "animosity" towards the Russians, I cannot ignore the common sense coming out of Putin's mouth. I can also not ignore that my own motherland, Poland, ran/runs secret military prisons for the US.

Even though I live in Canada now, my allegiance is with Humanity, not specific patches of dirt divided by invisible lines drawn on a map.


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Best comment of the day

Thank you Brother!

Human Beings we are.
Truth is 43 million Russians died during the last great war.

France and Germany held many wars with many millions killed yet they live side by side in peace.
We Poles and our Slavic Brothers can live in peace as well and trade and become the envy of the world because of how much prosperity will come our way in peace.

Long Live Vladi-Mir! Putin!

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

who got punked?

When the Soviet Union collapsed, everything American was 'cool". Somehow, we have gotten to a place where the world sees Putin as cool and Obama as a loser who has been so humiliated by Putin that he avoids Putin. Maybe droning Syria war is a personal way of getting in the last word about who is really the cool, caring, Peace Prize dude.

I never thought THIS would happen!

I never thought this would happen, that I am listening to a speech of the President of Russia, and feel like I want to applaud him at the end!!

And at the same time, I have NEVER felt this need when listening to President Obama! The world has for sure been turned up side down for me!
Exactly as a good friend in Australia assured me would happen years ago.

Full blown

1984 2.0