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It's about damn time...

I'll be upfront and honest with anyone who reads this. It won't be nice, sweat, pretty, or tied up in a nice little bow at the end for you. I'll not sugar coat my opinion nor will I attempt to lighten the mood with a joke or two. With that said, here goes...

I've just finished watching a video on YouTube called, "Female Veteran Arrested and Brutalized After No War With Syria Rally". Above all else, the thing that bothers me the most is not how the lady was treated nor how the police were behaving. It was not what she was standing up for or what the police were trying to do. It was in fact the camera man. Yes, the camera man, as well as ALL OF THE ONLOOKERS just standing around. Yup, just standing around.

This is what I see as the problem. We as a society have been trained and conditioned to just stand by and allow these things to happen. " Oh, I better not get involved or I may go to jail too.". This type of mentality is what is killing us. It is absolutely destroying us. We as a people now live in a society where instinctively we know that absolutely NO ONE has got our back and that we are all alone in this. We as a society have absolutely no problem with watching a fellow citizen, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs, being thrown to the ground and for lack of a better word, raped by sometimes as little as 4 or 5 people all the while 40 or 50 people stand and watch. 40 OR 50!!! Do you follow me!?! Do you get it?!?

How is that ok? How is it ok for someone to use the excuse of a camera as justification to stand by and do nothing of real importance in the then and there?

Let me put it this way. What would George Washington have done if he where there? What would General Patton have done? Hell, what would John Wayne have done? Your right, they all would have cowered behind a camera or walked around shaking their heads in disgust at how mean and nasty the police are instead of getting involved. LOL!

It is my opinion, and only mine I'm sure, that the real problem here is the lack of real heroes. Those that would stand up for someone who was UN-able to stand up on their own. Those that would put their life in harms way to defend this lady. Those that would be willing to go to jail with her if only to make the point that she was not alone. Those that would stand up to the police with measured force and say, " No! This far. No further."

I make this promise to anyone who cares. If I ever see this sort of thing happening and I still have air in my lungs, you can bet your butt, I'll put the camera down. How bout you?

P.S. watch this video if your still a little in the dark about what I was saying.


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You are doing it all wrong.

Create a peoples small army/police force.

Round up specific key war criminals.
Try them in a peoples court.

If you FUND it, they will come.

Got it ?

What would 100 million buy ?

Everyone is pissed, and they're all looking for a way to action their grief.

Don't think 100 Million could be raised ?

Your not thinking 'globally'.

(You could do it with 10 mill. or less)

So, who's going to kick this off ?

Start a thread up on DP and brainstorm specifics.
Then go to a global platform to crowd fund a righteous end.

Then see the world change.

Someone said it.

And it was you and we and us.


I for one have grown to hate

I for one have grown to hate cops. I watch them steal peoples property for no reason. Beat and kill unarmed people for no reason. watch them kill peoples Dogs for no reason. I will not stand aside any longer and watch this any more.

Nation of sheep

I've spent many a night in jail after doing exactly what you talk about (using 1A instead of 2A) and nobody cares. Don't wait for the people to wake up, it'll never happen. Live as free as you can and let the sheeple sleep in their own chit, they deserve it!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

There is a video somewhere of

There is a video somewhere of brutal cops getting wamped at a soccer game for brutalizing an over zealous fan. Sometimes when it is plain as day people act. Most of the time they are just cows chewing their cud.

Here ya go joeybolz

I posted it earlier but is way down the page now.

this is what needs to start

this is what needs to start happening when your self or your neighbors find themselves going against cops.


I immediately thought of this when reading the post and BOOM! Here it is.


It's always why won't

It's always why won't "someone" do something. Why won't "someone" else throw their life away. I'll tell you why: because they are sitting back wondering the same thing.

People are saying that the "time will come", as if these things happen by magic. No it won't, and no they don't.

I am not in favor of violent action, as I think violence would only marginalize libertarians and associated groups. 250 years ago America had a very different population.

If you want a vision of the

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.
George Orwell

Absolutely correct...

The Germans standing by while the Nazis did this kind of thing has been called the "banality of evil." It results from the false belief that there is such a thing as legitimate authority or government. It is not really the few who are evil and doing evil things, but the majority who let it happen.

Read Larken Rose's The Most Dangerous Superstition. He lays it out quite well. Then free yourself from the superstition of authority.


Here is a good vid of a powerful vet standing up against 30 cops to protect protesters.


I keep saying this and people keep misunderstanding me...

NOTHING will change without violence. I'm not advocating it, I'm pointing out a fact. Did the British government just give us independence? Did the civil rights movement happen without people on both sides getting hurt? On, and on, and on. Power concedes NOTHING without demand, and therefore force or one form or another.

Until we are pissed enough to civilly disobey on an enormous scale and get our assess handed to us, nothing will change. If that didn't change anything, then it would naturally push our movement towards violence in response to the oppression.

One way or another there will be violence before it's over in order to enact REAL and SIGNIFICANT change. If we do this "right", I suppose our violence will merely be self defense

Is what it is.

We've been watching the first three

seasons of The Walking Dead.

As fantastic as the story-line is, I can't help feeling some sense of reality when I witness how the surviving populace devolves into animal-like behavior.

Here's hoping such behavior stays completely fiction.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

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When enough people feel this way...

there WILL be push back.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Not advocating any violence but maybe a little genuine fear

is in order. Publish the cops' names, home addresses, family names, pet names and push it viral. If that doesn't work, include the police chief. If that still doesn't work, start adding more info like their local hangouts, where the wife works, the path she drives, the kids' school, etc.

I'm pretty sure at some point one side or the other will crack.

I would not be ok with that.

To me, publishing their names and addresses on-line goes to prove my point further. Passing the buck to someone else, standing around and waiting for someone else to do the work that you yourself could do in the " then and there ". Plus, the police are the one's responsible for this, not their wives and children. Frankly, I'm a little pissed that posting their names and addresses and placing their families in danger would even have been suggested on the DailyPaul. Move along.

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atlasdaddy - I dont follow your thinking here - please help me

So on the one hand you say not involve the family - ok - I get that. But then you say to do something in the "then and there". Lets take the video you reference as an exercise.

What are you going to do? Spout off about the Constitution and natural rights. Clearly the thugs don't give a crap since they could care less they are practically choking a woman for playing a guitar. It sounds like you are saying people should physically intervene. Well lets play that through a minute.

Once you intervene physically, you are looking at felony assault on an officer - and the threat of many many years in prison. How do you plan on winning this situation? There are four cops, one of you and maybe another good bystander. You do realize that in order to stop the situation and bend the outcome in your favor, you are going to have to out-gestapo the gestapo right? That means the first contact with the officer needs to be such an overwhelming show of force that the officer is either incapable or unwilling to fight back. You will need complete control before backup arrives to have any chance of winning your argument. You need to OWN the situation, and that will not happen with some half hearted attempt.
Frankly, you would have to administer crushing injuries to two of the officer immediately - the type of injuries that would cause permanent damage.

Otherwise, what do you think you are going to do - other than get pummeled, put in the hospital, then prison.

Sorry, but if you are not willing to post some names, you are not ready to escalate to a physical altercation since that outcome is much worse.

Please don't get me wrong - I am just stating common sense tactics - I in now way shape or form think people should be out fighting cops - that means society has fallen apart. I think the liberty movement is gaining and winning and THAT is the proper way to handle things at this point. A better way now would be to contribute to the legal funds of this lady to sue the crap out of the cops in civil court.

I vehemently disagree

How is this any different than the info on us that they share with their side? This is nothing more than peer pressure baiting and the real question is, exactly who DOES have a remaining shred of peer pressure over these people?

When the wife goes to her cop husband and says she's worried for their safety and he should find other work, we have made progress. Real progress.

When the cop's mother says she's 'disappointed' in his actions...

When the cop's father says he is getting harassed at work until he learned what's going on...

When the kids come home crying because they got bullied....

When the cop's teenager gets fired just because his presence causes a commotion...

When their neighbor stops lending things or talking to him...

When this stuff makes local news and sparks local discussion...

When the family can't go out to eat because they'll get boo'd out of the Pizza Hut, like our Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson did (which made national news!), we'll have made progress.

When those things happen, the cops will reassess their values and no violence will be needed. Should it happen to the chief, mayor, city council, congressman, senator, etc. then more progress is made and more awareness occurs. And when that becomes the hot news, it will become the hot pastime (following and shaming them).

You missed my last sentence, where I didn't pick which side would cave first.

And of course, should none of this work, maybe the other side should crack first. Then you can come back and say violence wasn't the answer if you still believe it. Either way, it's not for you to decide what the most applicable action is for someone else. You discredit people when you do that.

I ask this...

"How is this any different than the info on us that they share with their side?"

How do you differ from them?

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In the words of the greatest veteran ever - John Rambo

"All I wanted was something to eat, but the man kept pushing"

"They drew first blood, not me"

Your statement here actually contradicts your entire post.
So on the one hand you chastise people for NOT taking action in a situation, yet then chastise another person FOR taking action - although a different action.

So who's side are YOU on?

I'm advocating the use of peer pressure as a first step before we go violent on them and you're saying it's too immoral to make things personal? WTF are you talking about?

Compare this situation with early Nazi Germany and ask yourself to answer whether those people should have risen up and shamed (OMG such tragedy!!!) a few SS before they became the violent thugs we now know they did. Honestly, I don't know what you're promoting right now. Just because they used some tactic that means we can't? That makes no sense at all. At least we know we're doing it to stand up for what's right.

Perhaps we should just say "Please, stop". Or are you saying that anyone on either side should get violent with regard to some specific cop rather than simply incur a little embarrassment? Please tell us.

I believe what you are trying to say,

is that Americans in general have absolutely zero balls, kahunas, or testicles even. We're going to sit around and get railroaded because nobody believes that violence is the answer, and those who believe that violence is the answer are "lone wolf" types who are simply made out to be "terrorist" or crazies on the media. Which of course the American public laps up like sugar water. So what is to be done? I personally want to see whole crowds turn on the jack boot thugs, so that it doesn't seem like only lone wolves are willing to fight back. But what I'd really like to see is MILLIONS of people marching on D.C. and taking back the very buildings that we own. If force be necessary, then so be it. Does anyone really think there's going to be change in this country without some bloodshed? Has there ever been? History people history.

Wait until people get hungry.

Wait until people get hungry.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul


it's too late! Checkmate!

Food the ultimate weapon.

The creation, production and fair exchange of values is the business of evolving consciousness, love and life.--Craig Johnson

Hunger is definitely a key trigger

I'm so glad that I live in the country and away from all cities. The times coming when I won't even be able to go visit. I'm already paranoid when I'm in a city, especially one that's closed off like New Orleans. Always trying to figure out how to get out when there is no way. This country, and its people, are a ticking time bomb and I'd like to stay far away from it. Things are really starting to come together around here and I can see myself enjoying an actual retirement with my kids and grandkids some day. I hope we last that long.

Now Now

Can't be mentioning violence to the non-violent crowd who believe they can take an entire country back without force. LOL

"Oh Mr. Big Government can I pretty please protest here"?
"Oh Mr. Big Government, I don't like what you're doing can I just stop paying my taxes"?
"Oh Mr. Big Government, I respectfully ask that you stop pepper spraying, tasing, and shooting us non-violent protestors."

Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees the absurdity in ASKING for anything. Asking just gives them legitimacy and isn't a true exercise of your GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.

Your rights were STOLEN from you, do you ask a thief to give back your belongings? Or do you take them by force if necessary? Just because some idiot wears a costume doesn't make him or her anything less than a state sponsored thief.

I'm to reckon

some folks equate "manners" aka "rights" = nothing could be further from the TRUTH.
the age of the feminist movement has pert near destroyed a mans ability/instincts to protect those weaker/disadvantaged state.
If you're not willing to fight for your rights,in more ways than one,
then you're cowardice shows. folks is living scared, thinking they're
living large. a society of mental midgets ! Chivalry is Dead
not at my house!



From there, we shall start even more petitions for future petitions to be petitioned! And if that don't work...we have a petition for that too, don't you worry!


"Can you treat us like something other than dried eye mucous, pretty please?"


A signature used to be here!

You have that completely right.


Petitions? Yeah they like those don't they. Petitions are absolutely no threat to these people, so they are completely useless, as we have seen. Sadly, your saying "who's with me" reminds me of this movie scene. Where we are asking those around us, "Who's willing to take a stand, instead of acting like little cowardly sheep", and everyone just looks away or pretends to not hear us. That's the way it is. That's why I stick to myself and wait. I wait for my time to stand up for myself so that I can make the funny papers and be called a terrorist for simply not giving up my God given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. BTW I have no idea about embedding and all that nonsense. This place has gone high tech since I last visited.