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Matt Drudge blasts GOP establishment, says there is no real difference between Republican and Democrat parties


Sep. 3, 2013 12:45pm
by Eddie Scarry

Matt Drudge, founder and editor of the influential Drudge Report, is a conservative by all accounts. But at least for Tuesday, he was anti-Republican Party.

“Why would anyone vote Republican?” Drudge tweeted. “Please give reason. Raised taxes; marching us off to war again; approved more NSA snooping. WHO ARE THEY?!”

The tweet came after another that was also critical of the GOP. “It’s now Authoritarian vs. Libertarian,” Drudge wrote. “Since Democrats vs. Republicans has been obliterated, no real difference between parties.”

It’s unclear what specific policies Drudge was referring to in his critique. Republicans did, however, vote to avert the so-called “fiscal cliff” in January, a vote that included an increase in taxes on upper-income earners. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) also said Tuesday he supports President Obama’s position on a limited military intervention in Syria. And scores of Republicans, such as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, came out in support of government spying techniques meant to thwart terrorism.


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Matt must of heard Roddy today.

No matter how long it has taken Drudge to figure this out...

this is still great news. Let's not bash on him too hard. He influences a whole lot of neocons and has the ability to wake many people up. Besides, this is exactly the type of result we were hoping for from a Romney defeat this last election. Co-opting the republican party for liberty is becoming more and more of a reality every day!

I'm gonna broadcast this article to all my neocon friends!

How do you know Matt Drudge

How do you know Matt Drudge influences anyone? His web site is a massive link page. No one visits his web site for his personal opinion, they go there for links to other sites.


How do you know that Michael Nystrom influences people? I mean, his website mostly only links to outside news articles.

It's what he links to, that

It's what he links to, that influences people. He does not try to run the mirage of a bi-partisan site, and clearly wants people to think of things from a certain viewpoint. By recommending specific links, he is in fact giving people his opinion through other people's opinions.

And he gets 1 billion views a month to his site, there is no other political outlet in TV, radio, or online that reaches the conservative crowd like he does. So Drudge personally identifying himself among other libertarians, means his site will reflect his mindset.

It's been clear the past few months that Drudge wants more Rand Paul's and Justin Amash's by the stuff he posts.

Exactly. Listeners can likely

Exactly. Listeners can likely discern a broadcaster's overall political viewpoint by listening to the content produced by other people that he broadcasts on his radio station.

He's a tunnel-visioned

He's a tunnel-visioned maroon. It's taken him this long to realize something that is blindingly obvious?

That type of reasoning needs

That type of reasoning needs to end. Are you only a true libertarian if you claimed the ideology in 2007? Drudge has leaned libertarian for some time. But if somebody finally sees the light, I welcome them in.


"Authoritarian vs. Libertarian"

Why has Drudge

not noticed this before. The USA has been One Government for years.
Your "vote" has been reduced to electing whores for the Military Industrial Banking Cartel Pimps.
Drudge should be shouting this from the roof tops!