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Video: Sen. Paul's heated exchange with Sec. Kerry on Syria Strikes

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Mr. Kerry, would the US have considered it an act of war...

If Russia had bombed the US in response to the Feds killing the people at Waco? Even if they didn't put boots on US soil? Of course it would! This hypocrisy is sickening.

Why would

Israel want intervention? That makes no sense. Why would Israel want to push all these countries off the edge? So they can actually send nuclear weaopons towards them? That makes no sense.Its always about Israel with you people. John Kerry hates Israel. Obama hates Israel. They are setting up Israel. If we go to war like Obama wants. Israel is going to be in more danger. How can you people not see that?

Shhhh. This is the plan.

Shhhh. This is the plan.


it is going to get real ugly.

I agree, we should really

I agree, we should really support Israel by helping these countries, which she loves so, and strengthen and stabilize them, to protect Israel's interests. I am with you.



To the anti-Rand crowd

Many are saying Rand wasn't tough enough, or we should have had Ron showing him a thing or two, or he should have said this or that.

I recall the same criticisms of Ron when going against Bernanke. Seemed like Bernanke always had the last say, and Ron wasn't tough enough or

Here's the deal.

Kerry is not the problem, and Bernanke is not the problem.

The problem is the American people who allow these crooks to operate.
And until we educate more people, nothing will change. Rand and Ron's stategy was to educate and advance one idea at a time. Sure, he could have gotten in a big fight with Kerry, but he advanced ideas that many are not familiar with.

More people now know that consulting congress before war is part of the Constitution, because the executive branch is more prone to war, and Madison taught so.

Congress is the body through which the will of the people should be honored. Rand pressured Kerry to answer whether he would deny the will of the people.

I say if most people want to go to war, we should, and to hell with our country. But that is not now the case, so these guys need to go on record of defying the people. Whatever he said, apparently 90% of the country disagrees with Kerry and aren't buying the BS.

Rand also advanced the concept that our actions create unknown reactions. You don't get the desired result. We don't know who the enemy is.

Slowly but surely, people are being exposed to ideas which they haven't heard. And they won't buy the BS.

Excellint point.

And the 'Expert' opinions paraded today are NOT 'Generals' of Constitutional America.

They are 'fronts' for the shadow government, with a Uniform, subverting American principles for the MIC.

There is no honor at all in that. They want America to be nothing but a gang with a flag.

Man... that Sec. Kerry is sure a good note taker.

He seemed to learn an awful lot from Rand the way he was furiously writing crap down. Never seems to learn anything though.

So many things Rand could have said in this exchange.

Kerry: "You know that Assad will use chemical weapons again if we do nothing."
Rand: "What, did he tell you that over dinner Secretary Kerry?"

Hind sight's 20/20.

It's really just a grocery

It's really just a grocery list to look cool and disinterested.

Rand did just fine. The

Rand did just fine. The response Kerry would have retorted with, had Rand asked the "how do you know" question, is, "we know, Senator, from the classified briefing--were you absent from that briefing???"... it's 100% bs, but also the trump card answer (and way to make Rand look amateurish to any gotcha question). What Rand could have said, though, is, "why are we alone among the world's intelligence community--specifically among many of our United Nation allies--in determining with certainty that Assad's regime actually used the chemical weapons? Maybe the "slam dunk" case is really a half-court buzzer shot??

The more perplexing thing to me is the assessment made by Rand that Congress is actually going to vote for this. If my congressman votes yes on this I might just have to tip over his motorcade with the help of the 90%+ in my district who opposes this.

I was hoping...

That Rand would say, "Can I have your full attention?"

Cyril's picture

Ok, I get it now. Their treason against the Constitution...

Ok, I get it now. Their treason against the Constitution for decades now...

... it's only because they want the "USA" to be Israhell's b:tch, before annihilating the American Republic by complete exhaustion and/or rotting of the American people, and extraction of whatever is left of their wealth.

I didn't want to believe it as plain and simple, thus far. Tell me about waking up from one's own denial...

Can't deny it any longer.

I mean, just listen to Mr. John Kerry and to all the other warmongers.

Of course, a NWO is so totally incompatible with a Constitutional American Republic.

Israhell is just the sacro-saint cherished set of well-oiled gears to finish quietly the grinding down of America.

It has worked for two decades already. Why change a winning strategy?


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

shooting at someone is an act

shooting at someone is an act of war, committing aggression is an act of war, bombing someone is an act of war.

can anyone else here describe what constitutes an act of war? in my opinion any violent form of aggression is an act of war.

so if this is the case ... if a random group of terrorists doesn't DECLARE war ... they just randomly bomb someone without warning .. is that an act of war? if al qaeda flew planes into the world trade center without DECLARING WAR against us .. would that not make it an act of war? give me a freaking break ...

if russia nuked new york city without warning ... without declaring war ... would that mean it's not an act of war? are these people ******* kidding me?

grow up already ... why is no one asking these questions?

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

that's great how when Kerry

that's great how when Kerry gets angry you have to wait for him to bellow before you can tell since he can't make facial expressions. another one we should have left behind in vietnam.

Will Rand Stand?

Will Rand stand for peace?


*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Where is "democracy?"

Even the liberals have always insisted that voting and representatives show that we are still a democracy. I know that the US is far from a true democracy, that would be a joke to try to argue...

With or without the constitution, this is the essence of a voting and representative "democracy:"

The people speak their mind, voice their will. The representative government upholds the will of the people.

Is that what you see here? Do you see the people of America clamoring for attack on Syria? And do you see our representatives trying to enact the will of the people?

I don't.

I don't either. You see a

I don't either. You see a tyrant using the facade of legality to exercise its will. I might add that even the facade of legality shown by John Kerry is so thin as to appear almost transparent. We truly have a criminally rogue administration running the federal government.

I loved General Dempsey's

I loved General Dempsey's response to Kerry and Rand's reaction to it ... priceless! LoL

So, will some "compassionate" foreign nation step up to bat for the millions of raided, jailed, or killed Americans as a consequence of the American government's war on drugs? After all, such intervention wouldn't be a war in its classic sense according to John Kerry. ;) In defense of those folks jailed on drug violations or consequently killed, a whole lot of cruise missiles and nukes would be needed to stop the federal government's war on drugs...

What was McCain doing during the hearings?

Playing video poker on his IPhone. After being caught on camera, he tweeted that is was a 3 hour meeting and he lost. What an a-hole. He is willing to go to war and he can't even listen to the debate. Like Rand said, this is constitutional theater.

Sen. Paul: "Let Me Define What It Means To Go To War"

He really didn't say it the way I put it, however, every administration claims to know more than the American people.

Let the people judge if they want war Mr. Kerry..

He took an oath To The 'Brotherhood of Death' (Skull & Bones) in 1966

He will lie cheat and steal for them and sacrifice every poor soul on the planet for the cause of Death. Death for the Brotherhood..Death = Death - That's their motto...

Did you notice how annoyed Kerry appeared while waiting for his time to speak


Let the citizens of Syria and

Let the citizens of Syria and the veteran cannon fodder define what it's like going to war.

Kerry: "If I talk loudly, my lies might be more believable."

I agree with another comment, Rand should have said "What is the actual evidence it was Assad?"

Kerry did sound like a

Kerry did sound like a lunatic... It's amazing how some simple socratic questions from Paul really got Kerry going. Kerry doth protest too much... nobody wants to go to war... but we really need to bomb Syria... war is peace... truth is treason... Get ready to stick a fork in it...

Repeat after me...

dropping bombs on populations and killing humans is not an act of war. Killing innocent children is not an act of war. Maming elderly people and other innocents is not an act of war. The President is all-powerful and doesn't need anyone's permission to do these things. He can kill at will, and it is OK. REMEMBER THIS DAY. THIS IS THE DAY THEY OFFICIALLY STUCK A FORK IN OUR CONSTITUTION.

there are actually 3 threads for this video

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Air Force pilot boots in jets

Air Force pilot boots in jets over Syria is not war, but Army boots on the ground is?

I'm not sure we all saw the same exchange

I thought Rand schooled him.

Some of you guys want to see the worst. Others wouldn't be happy unless Rand started screaming "Ziooonnnissst Ziiioooonnist !!!"

Give me a break.

No one talks about Israel's

No one talks about Israel's hundreds of nukes that they have to defend themselves with and uses as a deterrent to an Iranian strike.

So based on Kerry's reasoning...

If Syria decided to send a few rockets into the united states we would not consider that an act of war? Really?

Also, if congress votes down action in Syria and obomba goes ahead anyway...I believe that millions of americans will demand impeachment.

Rand is correct on the constitutional argument and Kerry knows it.