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Syrian War Votes: NSA (Pentagon) Blackmail at Work

When you sit there... apoplectic at the lack of conscience and principles among the majority of Senators and Congressmen on vote after vote... selling out and voting AGAINST the majority of the American people, you have to wonder.

Which is it: Threats or Bribes?

To leave what we NOW know about the capabilities of the NSA... which IS the Pentagon/DOD, OUT of the equation, is to be EXTREMELY naive.

►Glenn Greenwald... if you are reading this, I ask that you disclose ANY documents you may have disclosing this practice against ANY and ALL elected officials. It must be revealed.

Now is the time BEFORE the war vote. Time is of the essence. Thank you.

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Today on the ronpaulchannel.com

Julian Assage talked about memos in late 2012 that indicated the government wanted/needed a humanitarian crisis. Is this it?