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The Secret to a Long Life

Ronald Coase died yesterday, at the ripe age of 102. Though not an Austrian economist, he was friendly to Austrians. He is most famous for his work into the nature of the firm, which addresses the question of why firms form on the free market, instead of a multitude of individual actors that contract with each other. See Peter Klein's eulogy here:

102, ey? That's not bad. It got me thinking, how long did other free market economists live? Here is a partial list:

Henry Hazlitt, lived to age 98
Ludwig von Mises, lived to age 92
Friedrich Hayek, lived to age 92
William H. Peterson, lived to age 91
Ludwig Lachmann, lived to age 84
Israel Kirzner, still living at age 83
Carl Menger, lived to age 81

Murray Rothbard, sadly, only lived to 68

Some non-Austrian classical liberals:
Gustave de Molinari, lived to age 92
Milton Friedman, lived to age 94
Karl Popper, lived to age 92

That's quite an impressive list, I think. Perhaps the key to long life includes a love and study of free markets.