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Granger, Fishy and My Evolution

When I first became a member here one of the first names I remember seeing and respecting was Granger. Granger was always sharp and convincing and was pleasant but assertive. Fishy, on the other hand, struck me as a little crazy. Kinda the stereotypical libertarian nut job.

I don't know exactly what happened. Did Granger change??? or was I just susceptible to the tactics I notice in her current chicanery??? It seems like it is less of rational discussion, where you are understanding and interested in others opinions; and more about pumping out a message. Usual interactions take on psyops type feel where you doubt she is even considering your comments, but rather waiting for an opportunity to broadcast, again whatever her current agenda appears to be. Reminds me of how Hannity will repeat the same talking points over and over trying to drill it in your brain.

Fishy, on the other hand, was always pro-liberty and anti-state. she has been banned for a while now but just the other day I came across an old comment of hers and remember missing her. She was always posting something intriguing that I hadn't heard about, whether it was about scientists carrying on Tesla's work, gardening news, or just whatever crazy conspiracy she was coming across.

I'm sure their was ample reason for banning her, and I'm not questioning the decision, but I enjoyed the contribution she had to the site... Then I just clicked on a post titled 'If you support Assad, this is what you support Peace? NOT' which is barely even coherent, and then the brainless assertion that if you don't support Syrian action you are somehow anti-peace and probably a jew hater spurred the thought 'I miss fishy'.

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If Granger was a shill

Perhaps the original account holder got reassigned and another person is handling the account.

That would explain the abrupt personality change. I also noticed Granger posted every 20 minutes for 10 hours straight once. I never bothered checking its account again, at that point I was dumbfounded and decided to cease to care what it did.

But really, who knows?

I do miss fishy though. Damn shame.

Granger is a Rand-leaning Republican

So now we know. Time to move on.

Sorry Granger if I hurt your feelings.

It's not my style to disparage commenter's even if they get under my skin. I have a thick skin. But last night I noticed something about Granger I thought would be helpful so I started a thread called; "Zero Hedge has a Granger: This Exchange Between Commenters in a Recent Article is Priceless". I felt bad after I went to bed but woke up to find out the thread was unpublished. I felt good about that and found no comments were posted on it.

I thought Granger and Abi Normal were the same person.
It was about a funny exchange of comments on a Zero Hedge thread I copied and pasted a portion of that began like this and you can go check out;

Mon, 09/02/2013 - 16:09 | 3914169 Abi Normal
only in America can traitors be so open about it's demise, you fucking libertardians make me wanna puke! fock off

Let me guess --- you were a campaign volunteer for Lindsey Graham, right?
PS: Next time you talk to the chickenhawk POS, tell him to come out of the closet already --- his compensation-through-warmongering act is not fooling anybody.

Abi Normal
fuck you cumly! take a shit and eat it, you can kiss my ass, you are a pussy!

Thanks, but instead of eating my own shit, I just as sadly now find myself conversing with it instead.

Abi Normal
how funny and witty of you, why not go read a book and watch your country burn, then laugh out loud about it - PUSSY!

Abi Normal's Biography:
Computer Analyst, Salesman by day, and Dad by night...I like to analyze things and discuss the details, implications of those things.
Go on then!

Abi Normal
There is NOTHING left to analyze, it is either we TAKE BACK our govt or become slaves to it - nothing more or nothing less...but you go ahead a vote against the 130% that voted for OVOMMIT!
Clear as a bell to you yet dumbass?

LOL, your style of analysis is so noteworthy, have you considered writing IN CAPS LIKE THIS? MAYBE IN BOLD TOO, WITH LOTS OF EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!!

Abi Normal
Oh good one little jim, fuck you too - peckerwoold!



Was fishy banned?

I believe she was posting tons of conspiracy threads

The mods asked her to stop because she was basically "over posting."

She continued to make the posts and publicly entertained the thought that because the mods were asking this of her, they were involved in the conspiracies somehow. Then, banned. Maybe she was being a big nuisance, but I don't think a permanent ban was necessary.

Anyways, there's no way for them to completely ban her. They can ban her account, email address, and IP address, but all those things can be changed so it's likely she's still posting, but under another account - or she is reading the Daily Paul at the very least.

What, Fishy's been banned again? That's like the 13th time!

What, Fishy's been banned again? That's like the 13th time! Ahh damn! Just as she was cataloguing her aquaponics adventure, she goes off the deep end.

An' what about The Granger? Also banned? He/she/it is the last person to give me a thumbs up on a post, and not because I was necessarily anti-Israel.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

No, Granger is still here

Apparently, the mods think it's ok for someone to troll and cause people to become outraged and angry, but if you post one too many conspiracy post, then you are the devil. I don't get it

She is obviously paid... Hasabara...

Criticizing her has resulted in more then a few bans so far from the DP...

Tools of war are not always obvious. The worst weapon is an idea planted in the mind of man. Prejudices can kill, suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has an everlasting fallout all of its own.

There is no doubt that Granger is an anti Liberty Plant

And she is funded to do so.

Just to keep the chickens in line. She doesn't own any of her own, she wants to own YOU.

If you haven't figured that out by now, YOU are her flock.

It doesn't matter if you 'upvote' what she posts, or 'downvote' it, JUST PAY ATTENTION to the personna I thought was a male and ignored her until she posted her "Granger Leave" post.

Granger is a PLANT. In early 2007, the first Meetup had plants at the first get together. They weren't exposed until they sided with the 'State' for Election Fraud. We were dumb enough to still have them in the group to show them the FOIA documents. They USED them to inform the opposition. And then cried (like Glenn Beck) when it was exposed and wondered why we were angry with them. Go Figure!

She is the absolute effort of mind control to keep you from thinking for yourself.

Is Granger Stupid (she can't claim ignorance after being here this long), I don't think so. And I don't think there IS A GRANGER. It's an account to disrupt anyone that values Ron Paul's message.

Fuck that account, I never feel like I'm adressing a human being there.

hey bud i have warmed up to

hey bud i have warmed up to you and like you but do you really believe everyone is a paid plant? its a constant refrain from you, to the point that it has become a charming attribute of your persona.

are you perhaps not overestimating your (our) importance as a priority to the criminal governing class? personally i think they regard us for the most part with bemused disdain, and not really with interest and malice and overriding concern.

the image peddled by the alex jones' of the government being consumed with fear and focus on us i think is not the case. they regard us, sometimes correctly, and sometimes mistakenly, as gnats and non entities.

there are some factions in the elite stable that are driven by a more consuming hatred and resentment, fueled by ideology, identity, etc., against certain types of americans with certain political views. it is a cultural thing, and they will harrass and hound them (us) due to these emotional motivations, even when they don't consider the target a major threat. it is mere habit and ingrained.

but i think aside from this faction of hateful people on the left, the overall political/economic class has a more lackadaisical attitude toward political dissidents of all the varieties now popular (tea party, liberty movement, OWS, anti war left, anti globalization etc.)

the two potent political forces they genuinely feared, at one point, were labor socialism and nationalism, which they regarded as real threats to their 'program' so to speak, of international / globalism, mixed economy, financial capitalism, govt nepotism and financial chicanery, military statism et al... of course, neither of those are of any use to us.

i know you will disagree but take it from me for what its worth, i do not think the government is paying anyone to comment on the DP. its possible but i think highly unlikely.

And by the way.

I still throw dog poop on the shoes of anyone that takes away American's discussion about THEIR COUNTRY.

Warm up to that Bill.


I hate labels and people that use them. This post is full of them.

I cast Dog Poop on the shoes of people that do so.

If the shoe fits, Ware It.

So you're self-hating, then?

Because you labelled Granger a "plant" twice in your above post.

While that may or may not be true (no evidence except words), you're talking out of both sides of your mouth here.

A signature used to be here!

where are all the paid

where are all the paid informants then??? It's been documented that they exist, why would they ignore freedom sites?

And why would they fear labor socialism and nationalism??? socialism gives them more power and nationalism is one of their fovorite tools.

I agree that not everyone you suspect is paid. Heck, the me of now would have accused the me of 2 years ago as being paid, but you can notice enough things around here to see that their is some coordination.

2 of my favorite DPers

I disagree with most of Granger's comments...not all, but I think she is awesome.

Fishy, I miss daily. She always had the greatest posts....and I DO question her banning. It was totally uncalled for.

I miss Fishy too

a true community oriented poster....who was just after the truth. Aren't we all?

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I also clicked on the post titled -
"If you support Assad, this is what you support Peace? NOT"
and it looked like typical Granger material to me.

maybe I've changed. 1.5 yrs

maybe I've changed. 1.5 yrs ago I was defending the likes of Jesse Benton and Doug Wead. hmmm. has she really always been this bad?

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don't water the weeds

Well, maybe you had it pegged from the beginning; it is (and likely continues to be) your personal evolution. There is 'chicanery' from some, and just a 'style' from others. Some are very likely plants, yet many actually believe what they write. Some posts seem innocuous enough, and yet they push a good comment down and off the page with pictures and friendly yet off topic content. And some just watch too much TV. In the end, you have to ask where the comment, where the story line, is taking you.

Another comment on this string suggests that it's a bit paranoid to think paid posters would waste their time here at the DP. I respect and appreciate the skepticism. But the fact is that this site, among many, is a target simply because of what it stands for. In the early days this site was as unique as it was powerful. And from my perspective, much of the impetus for Dr. Paul's exposure and rise in the alternative media camp came from right here.

I do think it's risky (and presumptuous) trying to peg someone as a troll – you can't know for certain another person's motive. Again, you just have to ask where their story line is taking you. Over time you get a feel if a voice is genuine, or whether a particular perspective has been fully developed.

I could be wrong. It's just my take.

Granger has Gone Fishy With HuskerSkier




just goes to show you that

just goes to show you that women and politics don't mix.

I upvoted you cause these other PC jellyfish downvoted you

I upvoted you cause these other PC jellyfish downvoted you. Waht the heck. Yellow turds, the lot of em!

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

That is F-ing BS.

Politics & Liars don't mix, they've just been an unofficial mainstay "tradition."


politics and Liars do mix quite well. they go together like hookers and blow.

politics and the truth don't mix.

^comment of the

^comment of the year..

Hookers and blow. Politics and liars. "Boom!" - evmalvni

Politics & Ron Paul = Truth.


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There are plenty of other people who post here on the DP

that are just as worthy of your time who have just as much, if not more, to offer.

I, for one, am missing Mark Twain. Where the flock has he been?

Sorry. I am quite busy. Let Reverend Dixon respond on my behalf.

Posted by Reverend Jeff Dixon, Senior Minister at Covenant Community Church on Jan 2, 2002.

According to legend, several of Mark Twain’s friends once wanted to send him a birthday greeting while he was traveling abroad. They had no idea where he was, so they simply addressed it to: "Mark Twain, God only knows where he is today." A few weeks later they got a reply from Mark Twain himself. His reply was simple. It contained two words, "He did." It is safe to say that it was a miracle that the letter got to him. But believe it or not, there have been some other miraculous deliveries...

Sincerely, Reverend Dixon http://www.touchandchange.com/artman/publish/article_95.shtml

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

That's a great story!

And the kind of contributions that I too miss from you and others!

Last year I was in New Zealand and I sent a post card to my not yet born nephew and my other nephew's pet bird. My niece and nephew had nick-named the too be brother "pizza" because that made more sense to them than a "bun" being in the oven. and my 4yrs nephew's birds name was scoobee doo. and I forgot to fill in their whole address so it read like this:

Pizza and Scoobee Doo [Surname]

Town, State Zipcode

It made it!