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Over Our Dead Bodies: New Syrian Movement Builds

A new movement is becoming stronger among the Syrian people. Activists are gathering outside key strategic facilities expected to be targeted by American strikes. They're calling on Washington to halt its march to war, and insist they're ready to die if it doesn't.


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i still don't believe assad

i still don't believe assad used the WMDs

OK a bit of RT bias here just maybe?

Did she say these people are of all different backgrounds and they have nothing in common really?

Really except for that they are all Assad loyalists?

That kind of really?

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Wait - where is the proof

Wait - where is the proof that Assad did release the chemical weapons. Oh, intelligence from Israel (isn't that the fox watching the hen house).

Wouldn't it be ironic if Assad

moves the chem weapons to a site he knows will be bombed. Then he can blame Obama for releasing the gas.


won't stop the bombing. They are already reporting that Assad is putting his weapons in populated areas. So they can say it is collateral damage. These well meaning folks better move out and live to see another day.

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A very suicidal move

Knowing that the people calling the shots have no humanity or conscience. They've killed millions, what's another thousand or ten.

Live Free Or Die