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Paul Craig Roberts: Will Obama Doom Himself As A War Criminal?

KWN: Paul Craig Roberts 9-1-13 (audio)

Will Obama Doom Himself As A War Criminal?
By Paul Craig Roberts - August 30, 2013
If Obama now strikes Syria, when he has no cover from the UN, or from NATO, or from the American people, or from Congress, having ignored the House and Senate, Obama will stand before the entire world, starkly, as a War Criminal.
Unless the world is prepared to flush international law, arrest orders for the War Criminal will have to come from the Hague. Obama will have to be handed over and put on trial. He will have no more leg to stand on than did the Nazis.
The evil neocons are telling Obama that he must prove that he is a man and go it alone. If Obama does, he will prove that he is a War Criminal.

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I have always enjoyed

I have always enjoyed receiving my weekly PCR blogs in my inbox, but this has really set him off...sometimes I receive 2 blogs a day from him over this crisis. I appreciate his courage to point out the perps and criminals running our government along his expert analysis and voice for sanity in an insane world.


If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

SteveMT's picture

Agree. Roberts cannot go much further than he is now.

The way I read this, Roberts is calling Obama a Nazi if he goes ahead unilaterally and attacks Syria. Roberts also says that should be treated to the same justice as were the Nazis at Nuremberg.