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Chris Matthews: Democrats Have to Vote for War to Save Obama - VIDEO

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here is the logic behind this one:

Get them to vote for war BY ALL MEANS POSSIBLE. Come up with any hair brain scheme possible, logic not needed.

The headline should be:

Democrats have to vote against war to save the American People.

Matthews makes an excellent analysis

He points out that Obama and Pelosi have put house Democrats in the position that they have to vote Yes to save the President's hide.

He also goes on to state that Obama has turned it into a partisan vote, that is true.

And goes on again to give an example that it is much like the Democrats who supported Lyndon Johnson in Vietnam but turned on Nixon over the same issue. Also entirely true.

Matthews is against intervention as he has stated numerous times.

Cant look weak, must look

Cant look weak, must look strong, like tough guys, tough guys who will hurt you if you dont do as they say

Looking closely at this whole war situation,

there seems to be an almighty government power struggle going. has Barry woken up to the fact that he has been played like a fiddle by the Real Power in Washington? Deeply unpopular with voters, savaged by Left and Right propaganda, emasculated by the CIA, and most likely expendable anytime soon.
I wonder who will take control of the US Government, and what powers they will have if something was planned for Barry?
It will be really interesting to see how the last term turns out.

It's such an extreme authoritarian mindset

that someone's rep is ruined if he's not commanding lock-step agreement on everything. Disagreement a sign of weakness? Ugh. Those are only the rules because the pundits make them the rules. It's stupid.

Defend Liberty!

I don't give a rats ass about

I don't give a rats ass about saving Obama's reputation. BO does not reflect the attitude of the American people. Controlled Robot Barack Obama can go pound sand.

Politicians smile while the betray.


Free includes debt-free!

Vote for death so we can keep

Vote for death so we can keep our image

Im seriously starting to think your country is run by shallow, ex, jocks and cheerleaders

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Starting to think?

Its been this way for 50 years!

November 22, 1963...the beginning of the end for the globalists.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

What is YOUR country run by?

"Starting to think?" Actually, I believe that it is being run by very serious people who are mostly bad.

Probably by the same serious

Probably by the same serious folks as yours

translation: Chris Matthews:

translation: Chris Matthews: Democrats Have to Vote for slaughtering women and children in order to save Obama's career.

Fuck you Chris Matthews. I wish your children were over there.