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Human Skeletons over 18' tall - Genesis Chapter 6. Where did this come from?

Human skeletons over 18' tall? where did these come from?


Read your bible. All the answers are there

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Fossil remains

of the first politician...

LoL, what I find so funny

LoL, what I find so funny about this is that Bible-thumping types are so quick to believe an obvious hoax about giant humans but see nothing at all compelling about the thousands of fossil remains that actually DO exist of pre homo-sapien man.

You talkin 'bout monkey bones?

I'm pretty skeptical of scientists interpretation of the past. Its usually based on pre-conceived ideas.

Since we have no personal knowledge of our origin, it seems odd to me that anyone would prefer to believe that they came from a monkey rather than straight from the hand of God.

Hey partner, I'm in the

Hey partner, I'm in the medical field and am very well aware of the problems that pervade the scientific community, but I think you put yourself in a difficult spot when you adhere religious dogma too that flies in the face of what can be physically demonstrated in the real world.

Dogma with a crown on its head

You can never prove that humans came from monkeys. You weren't there, so you'll never know. You can believe whatever you want -- that's your right of faith. In the end, all this evolution nonsense boils down to is an attempt to justify the notion that the Queen of England descended from a superior ape than you did, so she should therefore have more rights than you and more carbon credits. Even the monkey kingdom isn't that barbaric.

That's an odd thing to

That's an odd thing to assert, especially considering the Bible is rife with examples of God choosing one race over another, even to the point of ordering women and infants be slain because it was God's chosen people doing the slaying. The Queen of England comment is just bizarre. Royalty always claimed God's anointing authority, not science.

Evolution, I agree, is not provable, at least in the sense that one species evolves into another. But the fossil record supporting the notion is FAR greater than these fake stories of giants being found are. The fact that so many "believers" are quick to jump on the "see, the Bible's right" bandwagon based on a fake photos should be far more disturbing to a believer I would think.

Even though this so-called human queen looks apelike,

Darwin's fantastic Theory of Evolution has absolutely no relevance to our lives unless it is used to justify eugenics, genocide, and monarchy. Who cares if the queen came from a monkey? My problem is when the people who believe they came from monkeys try to impose their beliefs on the rest of us. Or when they try to tax us to support the welfare dynasties known as royal families.

I hope you realize the

I hope you realize the incredible irony in your first statement. =/

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

I see what you are saying.

Why would I doubt the skeleton but believe in religious ideas?

I don't believe scientists completely because they are simply human. In religious matters I accept that much of that has been revealed by a higher intelligence.

It doesn't seem confusing to me, but I can see how it could baffle others.


to the National Enquirer for the John Edwards thing, but this is a pile of horse shit.

fake and gay

fake and gay

I think it is fake.

Or maybe it is just a piece of artwork.

The one on that facebook page?

They say it's a reconstruction, so the question is whether it's a reconstruction of something real or of something out of someone's imagination.

They say the giant would be 25 feet tall. Mass increases with the cube of the height. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Square-cube_law) So if we compare this to a human who is 6' tall, a giant who is about four times taller will have something on the order of 64 times as much mass (4 cubed) to carry. The body is four times taller, but also four times wider and four times thicker. If the bone is four times larger, it's cross-section is about 16 times larger, but the leg bones have to support 64 times as much weight.

That doesn't prove that humans that 25' tall humans can't exist, just that their skeletons wouldn't just look like normal human skeletons magnified by a factor of four. The bones wouldn't hold the weight, and allow the creature to walk.

More here:

Smithsonian Institute

Paleoanthropology Division
Smithsonian Institute
207 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20078

Dear Sir:

Thank you for your latest submission to the Institute, labeled "211-D, layer seven, next to the clothesline post. Hominid skull." We have given this specimen a careful and detailed examination, and regret to inform you that we disagree with your theory that it represents "conclusive proof of the presence of Early Man in Charleston County two million years ago." Rather, it appears that what you have found is the head of a Barbie doll, of the variety one of our staff, who has small children, believes to be the "Malibu Barbie".

It is evident that you have given a great deal of thought to the analysis of this specimen, and you may be quite certain that those of us who are familiar with your prior work in the field were loathe to come to contradiction with your findings. However, we do feel that there are a number of physical attributes of the specimen which might have tipped you off to it's modern origin:

1. The material is molded plastic. Ancient hominid remains are typically fossilized bone.

2. The cranial capacity of the specimen is approximately 9 cubic centimeters, well below the threshold of even the earliest identified proto-hominids.

3. The dentition pattern evident on the "skull" is more consistent with the common domesticated dog than it is with the "ravenous man-eating Pliocene clams" you speculate roamed the wetlands during that time. This latter finding is certainly one of the most intriguing hypotheses you have submitted in your history with this institution, but the evidence seems to weigh rather heavily against it. Without going into too much detail, let us say that:

A. The specimen looks like the head of a Barbie doll that a dog has chewed on.

B. Clams don't have teeth.

It is with feelings tinged with melancholy that we must deny your request to have the specimen carbon dated. This is partially due to the heavy load our lab must bear in its normal operation, and partly due to carbon dating's notorious inaccuracy in fossils of recent geologic record. To the best of our knowledge, no Barbie dolls were produced prior to 1956 AD, and carbon dating is likely to produce wildly inaccurate results.

Sadly, we must also deny your request that we approach the National Science Foundation's Phylogeny Department with the concept of assigning your specimen the scientific name "Australopithecus spiff-arino." I fought tenaciously for the acceptance of your proposed taxonomy, but was ultimately voted down because the species name you selected was hyphenated, and didn't really sound like it might be Latin.

However, we gladly accept your generous donation of this fascinating specimen to the museum. While it is undoubtedly not a hominid fossil, it is, nonetheless, yet another riveting example of the great body of work you seem to accumulate here so effortlessly. You should know that our Director has reserved a special shelf in his own office for the display of the specimens you have previously submitted to the Institution, and the entire staff speculates daily on what you will happen upon next in your digs at the site you have discovered in your back yard. We eagerly anticipate your trip to our nation's capital that you proposed in your last letter, and several of us are pressing the Director to pay for it. We are particularly interested in hearing you expand on your theories surrounding the "trans-positating fillifitation of ferrous ions in a structural matrix" that makes the excellent juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex femur you recently discovered take on the deceptive appearance of a rusty 9-mm Sears Craftsman automotive crescent wrench.

Yours in Science,

Harvey Rowe
Curator, Antiquities


The above is one of the funniest things I've read in awhile... If you are the original author of this tasty piece of dripping sarcasm, kudo's to you. If not, kudo's still for finding it and realizing it's humorous potential. My tummy hurts from laughing... I've read it 3 times and am still snickering all the way through even on the 3rd time. I've cut and pasted it and sent it to several friends.

Thanks again,


Yes, stolen...

Harvey Rowe who signed the letter is the author. He's an emmergency room physician. Here's an interview: http://emganin.tripod.com/home/id18.html

I've had this story for many years and still bust out laughing while reading it. Seemed appropriate for the above article.

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There was a documentary

or some sort of science based show I saw on TV where they showed animals and insects in a very oxygen rich environment, started to produce offspring displaying gigantism. So if there were humans/humanoids running around back when oxygen levels supported huge critters, I could easily see them being proportionately bigger as well.


I lived in a dorm room in college where certain specimens gorged themselves on Pizza and Pabst. In environments rich in Pizza and Pabst, specimens acheive immense size (though admittedly mostly n girth, but we;re just dicking around on the internet talking about junk science, right?!) Ergo, I could only believe in your hypothesis if, in addition to the aforementioned oxygen rich environment, there were to be a concurrent abundance of Pizza and Pabst.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein


The study determined specimens were found to actually be taller when they laid down.


I must have some giant blood in me.

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Why was this posted? A stupid

Why was this posted? A stupid joke site being used to promote biblical fairy tales as fact? All this does is make everyone here look crazy, this is stupider than chemtrails or weather control machines, etc, atleast those are conspiracies based on loose science and current day rumors.

There is no god and the bible is a collective of made up antiquated morality stories.

What do you mean?

The skeleton can't be real because giants of that size are only talked about in the Bible and we all know the Bible is "made up?"

Be careful

of your hatred of religious people, cause they may be the only people left on your side when the UN or US nazis come to take you to Gitmo. Just saying, our founding fathers were religious, many of them were ministers.