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Human Skeletons over 18' tall - Genesis Chapter 6. Where did this come from?

Human skeletons over 18' tall? where did these come from?

Read your bible. All the answers are there


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yes they did. And the

yes they did. And the offspring were called the nephalim. Satan tried to kill the blood line of Jesus. This is the reason why God flooded the earth.

This is also a "reason"

that God would require an entire town be smitten, in order that the bloodline of Jesus not be defiled. Lots of folks don't understand "God's motivation" for that...

It's all about the Blood, there's Power in the Blood.

I have not checked all the links on this post but have you checked into L.A. Marzulli on this subject?

Here's a link where you can find videos of Marzulli & Quayle talking about "giants":

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Was this before or after the

Was this before or after the evil Gods stole the Tablets of Fate and plunged all of Faerun into the Time of Troubles? I'm guessing it must have been after, since the high God Ao, or your "Yahweh" didn't unleash a great flood on Faerun, but rather just punished the Gods. I was really broken up when Tyr was cast down, fortunately he was gloriously resurrected. I'm guessing after all that fiasco, Yahweh must have just been pushed past his limits so that when the former lord of the 9th, Satan, was banished to Earth and bred a race of half-giant, half-fiend warriors to exterminate the line of Jesus, he just said "oh @#$% it!" and restarted his campaign.

I know for a fact those Nephalim berserkers are tough, my 20th level dwarf, Blor got knocked down to 2hp fighting one. If I hadn't had a rod of wonder, I'd have been toast. In fairness though, Blor was on Earth, and Jesus doesn't grant spells, so his normal allotment of cleric spells were of no use against the Nephalim. By Thor's mighty hammer those bastards do a lot of damage on a crit!

Does Jesus' bloodline have anything to do with the Bhaal spawn that would later emerge as the new Lord of Murder?

..yeah, yeah...

And alien baby skulls were discovered in Mexico....

But I believe in

The global warming hoax . Even if things were hotter and more droughts in the 1930s and documented in history. But Obama says its warmer than ever before in history. Would a liberal progressive lie?

Money talks and dogs bark

I like how these skeletons were not discovered

till AFTER photoshop/3d animation/video editing software. It's an amazing co-ink-a-dink isn't it?

Actually they were. There are

Actually they were. There are several reported cases from the late 1800's and early 1900's of giants being found.

work of art

I am a Christian and believe in creation. But this is a work of art not science any more then piltdown man was was a work of art based on a hogs tooth. This just confuses people. My faith is based on truth, some of it factual and some experiential but truth all the same and we should stand for the same regardless of the source.

Being a Christian, you

Being a Christian, you believe the bible is God's absolute truth correct? Genesis 6. Read about the giants and the nephalim. There is your truth.

Diego Duran

"within months of De Soto's and Coronado's expeditions, five-year-old Fray Diego Duran moved with his family to Mexico. He thus grew up among the central Mexican Indians and later served as a missionary to them..."
"...These Giants lived no less bestially than the Chichimecs, as they had abominable customs and ate raw meat from the hunt. In certain places of that region enormous bones of the Giants have been found, which I myself have seen dug up at the foot of cliffs many times."

Then there is this Ted talk on Giants (I believe it was posted here a while back but not certain)

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This one is interesting

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

I used to feel there was no god and that science proved it until

...I educated myself about various subjects and well, now I know the truth. I never could get "into" religion when I was younger. Dudes walkin on water, sea's parting open, healing the sick...get outta here! And the kicker for me was a Blonde-Blue Eyed-White man and I should get on my knees and pray...LOL. Hell naw...I ain't havin it. (-: I also couldn't get into these "Black" preachers that like to sing-talk-bark-rap and mainly hear themselves speak and feel important while hitting on your wife after the service. Dancing and eating but not learning/teaching me about the Word/History of God/Jesus.

BUT, as you become more learned about the world and come to the realization that true history is more amazing and mind boggling than any science fiction book and that we have been lied to about so much history.

Then I discovered Walter J. Veith, a professor from a university who became a Christian after he couldn't answer certain questions from his being ignorant of things biblical, he decided to look into it! And what he discovered changed him.....and ME! Anyways check out this awesome video and go here to challenge your belief system and see if the science supports IT. THERE IS A GOD AND IS SON IS JESUS.


Just watched this Charlton

Just watched this Charlton Heston video Bob45 posted below. Awesome video, well worth the time.

There's so much about

Earth's history that we can't explain. For hundreds of years, thousands of man-made objects have been found embedded in coal. Coal is mineralized, fossilized vegetation that takes 400 million years to form.

Scientists and archeologists call these objects OOPARTS: Out Of Place Artifacts.

Article with stories and pictures of some OOPARTS that have been found...

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First of all, coal does not "take 400 million years to form". Coal BEGAN to form 350 million years ago with the evolution of plants. But, there is coal only 20 million years old - truth is no one knows for sure.

Second, the article claims to know that a piece of coal was "estimated" to be 300 Million years old, but there isn't a way to test that, so how would they know?

The first picture is an obvious fake. The shape of the hammer has been carved out (and why wouldn't the rock form up to the iron of the hammer? Why would there be a gap?). And, it is impossible that the wood would still exist as wood and not petrified.

The second picture of the what? In 1944 someone claimed this happened. I could take a picture of my stapler and claim that I found it inside a dinosaur rib cage. There is zero evidence to believe that one.

The gold chain story was from a newspaper at a time when many strange stories were published that were just made up to be sensational about 2-headed babies and giant frogs. Just sayin'..... Very little evidence there. People claim to be abducted by aliens too.

The iron pot, if you believe the story, might have just been in the coal pile but not inside a piece of coal. According to the worker it "fell out". A picture of a pot, but not the negative impression in a piece of coal does nothing for me.

And then...they bring out the footprints? Again? These have been debunked so many times I didn't think anyone would risk the embarrassment bringing them up again. Not even the creationists groups use that one anymore.

And finally, you need some evidence that "Scientists and archeologists call these objects OOPARTS". I find that highly unlikely, especially because no archeologist or scientist has ever found one. I mean, seriously, why would you use these random claims from a hundred years ago in a newspaper instead of an actual scientific dig? It makes no sense.

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Read Your Bible and Stay Ignorant

Bible it's like an old cooking book that was kept with the family for a very long time. Nobody knows where the recipes came from but we are told that it could only come from a supreme god-like being because it is so impossible to explain it in any logical system. Of course all the scriptures were produced, modified, alternated, conglomerated and filtered by some interested (purely human) parties in the course of history - it was just a part of the process of keeping control over ignorant masses. Please do some research. The Bible is not an original text! Have a look at this very powerful monograph: - watch for DUPLICATES in BIBLE. It is not a speculation - this research was published and was done according to the standards of modern scientific discovery. If you want to keep your naive believes - do it, we will respect your choice. But please understand that there are arguments against your believes so if you want to keep your illusion do not make us speak up.

The basic problem is that one believes that everything is real, and thus everything is treated as such.
---Kalu Rinpoche

You have your facts, I have my beliefs.

You have your facts, I have my beliefs.

Check out for activism and news.

People believe in Bigfoot and

People believe in Bigfoot and the Chupacabra too.

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And love, and liberty, and

And love, and liberty, and truth. Those things are ridiculed by many as well.

the ignorant Dr. Paul

reads the bible
good thing we aren't a forum dedicated to his beliefs
hahaha man cause that would sure be dumb.

Appeal to Authority?

Appeal to Authority?

Check out for activism and news.

we should all become atheist liberals

with satanic symbols to represent our cause for liberty

who's with me
hip hip hurray
hip hip hurray

That was simply stupid

Using the terms "atheist" and "satanic" together displays a huge void of intelligence on your part. It is only Christians that believe in Satan. An atheist doesn't have any supernatural/god belief. And many atheists I know are libertarians or conservatives. You shouldn't pay attention to the lamestream media.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

we should ban religion

I agree with everyone here about the bible being complete garbage
burn the bible
burn the bible
burn the bible
disclaimer: I don't actually believe this :)

One too many burn the bibles..

The DP mind is a very quick is the down vote reflex. :)


You have it all figured out.

Oh, for the love of.......

Please stop. This is a hoax. Just as every photo of a "giant" has been proven to be a hoax. More than that, you are making us all look bad. This article references your post:

I am not saying your Bible is wrong or that there wasn't a race of giants. It is just pretty obvious that this is a stunt, a fakery. Seven "fragments" of fossil bones that are smaller than the joints, analyzed by a creationist, not a scientist, and "supposedly" sent to the Smithsonian (so they can claim there is a conspiracy to hide the truth), doesn't justify the building of an entire fake skeleton. How would they know how big the bones and joints were? Plus, the leg bones would need to increase in size for additional weight, they would need to be much larger than the bones in the torso.

It is a good fake, but it is a tourist attraction.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

Yep, you look really bad

because of this story. Hope you can make it through the day without your neighbors throwing rotten fruit at you. Dramaqueen. Go Go this website and look at all the pictures they have of this subject matter. Many pictures. I doubt they are all hoaxed. Then read Genesis chapter 6. Also download and read the book of Enoch. These Giants have been found on every Continent. Cognitive dissonance. there are many suffering from that condition, even on the daily Paul.