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Jon Stewart eviscerates the War in Syria Crowd - Hilarious

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awesome segment...was just

awesome segment...was just about to post it

He should've included white phosphorous and depleted uranium

in his list of America's war crimes.

Was the clip "lenny bruced"


Free includes debt-free!



sorry, this video is unavailable.

looks like the NSA took it down.....

anyone got a copy?

working now



They took what Ted Cruz said completely out of context. Painted him much in the same light as the RINO's. Pretty funny other than that.

Ted Cruz

is a RINO.

This was great, i had to

This was great, i had to spread, everything we have all wanted to say, spread on to some tv entertainment for the msm sheep to see. Anyone who wants to argue after seeing that video? should be exposed!

CLASSIC,PRICELESS ,show your friends help expose the corrupt republicans/dems ,John Stewart exposes the liars,obama, corrupt gop ,media and shows they are nothing more then a stinky bush!

Ron Paul 2016

Oh, it is worth watching! Ty

Oh, it is worth watching! Ty for posting.

The Mark 77?

I'm not well versed in ordinance, so can one of you ex-military folks please explain what a Mark 77 is? The very-funny Mr. Stewart mentioned that it's full of napalm...is this a 500-pounder or what?
As I understand it, napalm is a nasty thing...that just being within 100 meters of the flames can kill. Holy crap!

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

750lb incendiary bomb

The Mk77 is a 750lb incendiary bomb. It's basically filled with a slurry of kerosene and an oxidizer, along with a white phosphorous bursting charge.

Later versions are lighter, around 550lbs, and are filled with JP-5 and a thickening agent. In short, it's a bomb filled with jet fuel.

It's napalm without being officially napalm, and is used against people "accidentally" with alarming regularity.

As you noted, the usual mechanism for death is asphyxiation, not death caused by heat.

...can only kill people organically.

Sharp guy.

Operation "Just The Tip"

Funny, and doesn't pull any punches.