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Emmanuel Goldstein on the Syrian Situation

Excerpted from: The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism:

...War hysteria increases in intensity as one rises in the social scale.

Those whose attitude towards the war is most nearly rational are the subject peoples of the disputed territories (aka little brown people). To these people the war is simply a continuous calamity which sweeps to and fro over their bodies like a tidal wave.

Which side is winning is a matter of complete indifference to them. They are aware that a change of overlordship (Morsi or Mubarek, Kadafi or Al Qaeda, Bush or Obama) means simply that they will be doing the same work as before for new masters who treat them in the same manner as the old ones.

The slightly more favoured workers whom we call " the proles " are only intermittently conscious of the war (anesthetized by reality t.v., SSRIs, porn, and junk food). When it is necessary they can be prodded into frenzies of fear and hatred (support the troops! I pledge allegiance..., Oh say can you see..., 911-911-911-911), but when left to themselves they are capable of forgetting for long periods that the war is happening (Did you see Miley Cyrus?).

It is in the ranks of the (republican/democrat) Party, and above all of the Inner Party (congress, the cabinet), that the true war enthusiasm is found.

World-conquest is believed in most firmly by those (neocons) who know it to be impossible.

Whichever power controls equatorial Africa, or the countries of the Middle East, or Southern India, or the Indonesian Archipelago, disposes also of the bodies of scores or hundreds of millions of ill-paid and hard-working coolies. The inhabitants of these areas, reduced more or less openly to the status of slaves, pass continually from conqueror to conqueror, and are expended like so much coal or oil in the race to turn out more armaments, to capture more territory, to control more labour power, to turn out more armaments, to capture more territory, and so on indefinitely. It should be noted that the fighting never really moves beyond the edges of the disputed areas.

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It is only by reconciling contradictions that power can be retained indefinitely.

War is Peace
Ignorance is Strength
Freedom is Slavery

We must bomb Syrians in order to prevent Syrians from bombing Syrians

We have to pass the bill in order to read what's in the bill

We must destroy capitalism in order to save capitalism

Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner.