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Putin: We are not defending Assad, we are defending international law

Russia needs convincing proof, not rumors, from UN experts that chemical weapons were used in Syria, said the Russian president in an interview with First Channel and AP. It is up to the UN Security Council to decide on the next course of action, he said.

Read more at RT.


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Liberated Syria?

A Liberated Syria would have tolerated peaceful protests.

The newly funded Syrian Democracy mistakenly thought that democracy means you have a right to peacefully protest.

What do you know about that?

I think Israel will be fine.

I don't think you have ever

I don't think you have ever read this. READ IT.

I read it

I'm thinking.

Don't respond, I'm still thinking http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z30vUrQC3uo

Well, I'm not seeing America's part in this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRkFxrSjCBo

This vid, I'm with Hillary OMG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYCC6YP6ato

You are seriously confused.

You are seriously confused.

"Both sides" are doing that.

Obama & Putin are in-league with the New World Order.

This is setting the stage for WW3, and the "solution" is world government.

It is sad people on the dp cannot see it. It is a lot to juggle but when you boil it all down, these guys are on the same team.

They've been meeting with each other for a while. They shake hands and they visibly like each other. They clearly have had plans together, that the MSM has not discussed. Like when Obama told Medyedev that he would have 'more leeway' after the rigged election, and to "tell Vladimir". They recently agreed to have Russian troops help out US as 'security' in mass events. The MSM paints them as opponents. I don't trust the MSM.
Putin is "former" (meaning still) KGB, and Obama is socialist/leftist with communists as "Czars" (appropriately enough) in his Cabinet. Obama has ties with the communist party (New Party member) and it's members from his earlier life. He is also clearly a Muslim, having lived in Indonesia for several years as a boy, attending a Muslim School. His name is Barack Hussein Obama. He bowed to the Saudi king. He is backing Al-Quaeda in Syria now. They are building a Muslim (Brotherhood) army which will eventually decide to try to destroy Israel. They will use Islam to unify the region under totalitarian control, under the New World government. Putin is allied with other Muslim nations, Iran, and Syria, etc. Also enemies of Israel. The stage is being set by the globalists to conquer Israel. Obama is a traitor as are Neo-Cons like McCain & Graham, as they are allied with the globalist interests.

There is no way to win this game. The only way not to lose, is not to play.

If America is attacked, we should fight (after we know who the enemy is). If Israel is attacked, I support their actions to defend their nation and their people. I do not support offensively attacking another country and buying into the globalist trap, and starting WW3, with their solution being a new World Government.

But, we all know Obama is dictator and will do what he pleases. He will attack the country of Syria in the name of the USA, despite the will of the American people.
The question is, will we submit to, and even 'beg for the New World Order' as Orwell said, or will they force WWIII and do it anyway?

Or will the We the People stand up and take back our country, by us, of us, and for us? I am for all nations living in peace. The satanic globalists' MIC and world-banking cartels are creating all the evil. Divide & Conquer on a global scale. Israel should exist, and deserves to exist, as does Syria, and Iran, and Jordan, and Lebanon, and Egypt, etc. They should just get along. Nobody can make them but themselves. The people need to demand peace & take hold of their governments. We need to do the same in America. That is the only other way. Jews and Arabs got along for centuries before the Roman Empire came along and pitted one against another. Divide and Conquer.

The Evil Empire. The Phoenix. Pharaoh, Caesar, King, Czar...

...Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Constantinople (Byzantine empire), Holy Roman Empire, European Monarchies, Spain, England, France, Germany, Russia/Soviet Union, the United States of America, the League of Nations, the United Nations, the New World Order...

...The secret societies have been behind the scenes the entire time, manipulating, steering history and makind...

...Same symbolism, same goal throughout all of known (or publicly told) human history... Take over the World. It's Biblical.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I agree with much of what you said

And I think Israel is the key and has the answer to the situation..

I think you are right, not just about Obama/Kerry/ McCain/ Graham.. I can see them all dropping bombs on Syria to get Israel wiped off the map.. but it won't work.. I know it..

Today 1000+ Syrian troops quit and an ambassador from Turkey defected.. Syria is rubble.. it's insane what Assad has done.

But they definately want to bring it home.. and I just hope what Assad is doing, enough people have a grip, because plenty don't.


When did genocide come into this argument? Guilty of chemical weapons or not Assad, isn't systematically eradicating a race. Arguably he's trying to prevent genocide of his own people.

No, he causing it

One day, during the usual protests, he decided it was time to start shooting at protesters.. and he didn't stop.. the soldiers who refused to shoot Syrians who were protesting were arrested or they defected and became the Free Syrian Army/rebels.. they want t a free Syria, with internet and more western life style.. Assad has let the Jihadists in and they are rebels against secular government, but also agiant anyone who is not Assad, Shiite..

So this is a genocide of liberty Syrians..

First, by definition it isn't

First, by definition it isn't genocide. I suggest you consult Mr. Webster on that one. Let's keep it real. Two, what you say is just wrong. You act like these were unprovoked attacks, normal protest, etc. Nothing about it was normal. Syria is a place that is hard to govern, it requires a rough hand. All things considered Assad isn't that bad. What he did wasn't any different than what the other Arab leaders do. Not saying he's a great guy or anything, just saying he's not guilty of genocide. Three, what does this have to do with the USA again?

I disagree

It is a genocide, and I prefer the American Heritage to Webster, thank you.

Yes, they are unprovoked attacks on protesters, and then he shut down the web, and they Syrians who have brains, including the Syrian troops who refuse to shoot civilians and that makes the Syrian Free Amry, which is mostly Syrians 80%.. The Jihadists, are another group of rebels who are fighting for Islam and make wonderful new idiots to the UN Agenda, coming to a town near you<- and what it has to do with the USA.. I understand that you disagree and why, so we can agree to disagree. I'm celebrating the 1000+ Syrian soldiers quitting today.. brutal stories they tell of Assad..

Why do you assert knowledge

Why do you assert knowledge that you don't have? Unless you have been to Syria and seen all this for yourself, it's pure conjecture. Most of what you're saying is just conspiracy drivel.

My knowledge

Is not from military training, on the ground.. as a military brat, I traveled.. and as kids you pick up things adults, especially sexual active ones, don't pick up.. and for me, I am culturally empathetic... I had to learn to fit in, every other year... so I had to adapt to another culture very rappidly..

I don't know what conspiracy drivel.. don't get me wrong.. I enjoy conspiracy theory very much.. great entertainment.

I made a top post this morning, it seemed to say what I think better than how I say it.. http://www.dailypaul.com/298153/the-syrian-civil-war-explained

I think you make a good point.

The Assad government has been fairly tolerant to minority religious groups and is supported by the Syrian feminist movement.

Based on historic precedent, the Sunnis are not likely to be so.

Seriously, why are we even discussing this? Obviously, someone owns Obama. His ancestors may not have been slaves, but he apparently is one.

I think that you know...

That's not what he's doing.

ecorob's picture

granger reminds of that idiot...

junior rotc guy in Animal House as he yells, "All is well, remain calm" just before the mob tramples him.

She doesn't have a gd clue.

please gtf away.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

He's abetting Assad's destruction of Syria

Russia get's their port protected, and Syria becomes a powerful state of Islam, where Hezbollah and Hamas and Islamic radicals can enjoy a NWO.. obedience to Allah and working for Russia Inc or nothing.


How is Assad destroying Syria?

Have you seen pictures of Syria?

It's rubble.


Is that supposed to be an answer? The Baath Party has held Syria together for over 50 years. In an area where tribes were at war with each other for thousands of years things have been fairly peaceful and prosperous for the last 50, all things considered. Minority groups, like Christians, have been protected. War is war, it's hardly honest to say all the war is Assad's fault.

When it comes to Syria

Assad apparently has no tolerance for protesters, and some Syrians want freedom from opression.. and to wipe them out,, yeah, It's Assad's doing..

The w3ay I see it, he sold out Syria to the NWO, that's why he had protesters, and now he's going to give it to Islam..

Have you seen pictures of Syria? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzcR682WdsQ

Sold out Syria to the NWO?

Sold out Syria to the NWO? What the heck does that mean?

In case you hadn't noticed, nobody has tolerance for protesters. Assad is not special.

What does this have to do with the USA again?

That means

Syria no longer has sovreignity.. they will comply with the laws of the UN Agenda, sustainable development.. or Assad can blw the place up, let the Jihadists in to religously clean Syria.. and

We have protests here every friday, so I didn't notice. Thanks for the tip.

What does this have to do with the USA, well since we still have protesters and I didn't know that your area didn't have them.. I imagine if there is ever anoth Kent State like event.. I'm expect the demolation of America, as went Syria.

You sound like a complete

You sound like a complete nut. What does this have to do with the USA again? I'm confused. We should bomb Syria because if we don't then that means our government will use chemical weapons on protesters in our country? Huh?

I guess I do

I'm not saying that we should bomb Syria. Though I do believe that what I see, from YouTube about the Syrian conflict, a genocide being conducted by Assad, covered by Russia, respectfully doing nothing by the UN, I wish other nations besides and the US and France were saying what is happening in Syria is wrong, and no dictator should have the right to mow down people who don't agreee with him.

I wouldn't want to see this happen in the US, there's the, "What this got to do with the US? question.. I'm not saying we should bomb, we should take Israel's lead..

I don't agree with the conspiracy theory that is Syria is the US and Israel's fault.

Belief in something based on

Belief in something based on youtube videos, a nonsensical argument if there ever was one. Buy a plane ticket, go to Syria. Until then your opinion is quite irrelevant.

"No dictator should have the right to mow down people who don't agreee with him." Where is that written? Certainly not in our Constitution. But it's ok for a mob to mow down people who don't agree with them? Because that's what you're defending. You want to replace a "dictator," who represents a group of people, with an unknown mob, who represents some other group of people. Who's worse, Hitler or Stalin?

Take Israel's lead? What does that mean? They are the world's conscience, so if they do it, we must all follow? When you say Syria do you mean just Netanyahu or the popular vote of Israeli citizens?

I don't think so

Even personal experience is limited. I'm not predending to be in the military or government or MSM, or a university with PHDs and Corporate interests with connections in Syria.. I am being honest where I am getting my reasources and if that's not good enough for you. There it is.

What mob mowed down people? There were mobs.. looking at the YouTubes, it's amazing how huge the mobs were.. seems the people of Syria really wanted computers and smart phones.. seems they really wanted to become part of the 21st century.

I see Israel thriving.. all around them is warring, and I see Israel blamed on many levels.. yet, Israel thrives.. and to me, rather than sustainable collapse development in the US.. few are talking about solutions.. and the solution is what Israel is doing.. Israel shows how to thrive while the r4est5 of the world is at war or talking if war..

The US should back off sabor rattling, charge Russia with abetting genocide by Assad, prepare toseperate from the UN, and take Israel's lead in any attack in Syria, and restoring constitutional government to the US.

Here is an example of a

Here is an example of a PSEUDO-Catholic.
a. Is for war even though human conscience, Church, and Pope (yes, he declared a day of fasting on Saturday for peace) are against war.
b. Is for war even though Christians - and many of these are Catholics as there are Catholic monasteries in Syria - are relatively ok in Syria. Compare their situation to Egypt.

When the left exposes Christianity/Catholicism they like to point out these irrational elements - and that is fine. However, bear in mind that these is not real Christianity nor do they represent the majority of the people, it is a prostitution (the word means to change something good into something bad) of Christ's peace message.

What I learned about the Church from Syria

The Church will stand behind any government over the people. So when the governmetn turns against it's people, the Church will shut it's doors and wait for a better day to reopen.

If he favored Islamic

If he favored Islamic radicals, wouldn't he be supporting the rebels?


The Free Syrians are no different than the liberty movement.. a loose group of people who loved freedom the see in Israel and the US.. they like the freedom to protest and wave signs.. well Assad was having none of that crap.. he bagan shooting.. and this caused people to go into a shock.. what was going on? Then Assad shout down the net.. so no information was getting out to the world about what was going on.. people were fleeing.. 5 million of them as Assad's military continued to gun people down.. the troops who refused to shoot at civilians started the Free Syrian Army, and they possibly had help from CIA and American/Israel connections, when at training joint ventures..meanwhile, Assad has left the gates open, and Jihadists flooded in to fight agianst Assad's secular government, and to install Assad's religious order/government, Islam.

The Jihadists have NO problem killing infidel, Christian, secular, Sunni Muslims for Allah. It is an honor for them.