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Bill Nelson, Democrat For War

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Dear Ms. Cross:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the situation in Syria.

I think everyone can agree that the use of chemical weapons there is cause for moral outrage.

Some argue against a U.S. response. But I agree with President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, and many of the GOP leaders, such as Senators McCain and Graham, that it's in our nation's best interest to hold accountable a dictator who uses weapons of mass destruction and slaughters innocents.

We also believe we should limit our nation’s direct military involvement.

I very much appreciated hearing from you on this important issue. Varied perspectives help me to be a better public servant. Thank you.

Bill Nelson

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This guy is a NWO globalist.

I got the same exact form letter in the response from Senator Nelson.

He sent me a stupid form

He sent me a stupid form letter like this defending the bailouts 5 years ago. Nelson fails in every way.