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An Idea

I have an idea I want to run by the collective intelligence of this bunch. A few years ago I invented a new kind of gun. It is a different kind of rifle that uses existing barrels, magazines and ammo, but uses a different kind of operating system. I did build a proof of concept model to show it to different potentially interested parties. This rifle would be the lightest, simplest, easiest to make firearm that I am aware of because it has less parts than say a Stoner (ar) type rifle. This design is perfect for drones. I was talking to a good friend about it, and he asked me a question that really changed my mind : "What happens when they send after you?"
I really began to think about the implications of TPTB having access to yet another weapon at their disposal, and one that I designed. I realized that any money that I made (if the idea was determined to be good by potential consumers) wouldn't do me any good if we didn't have a country to spend it in. So here is my idea for my idea. What if I marketed this rifle for sale only to civilians and no law enforcement or military ... ever.
If it were for sale to citizens of America only or something like that. I would consider sales to individuals that were military or law enforcement only if they had an active oath on file with oath keepers that could be viewed by anyone that wanted to. I know I cant totally control the sales of something I made on the open market, because there could be secondary sales that could not be controlled by me. I also realize that all of this is based on someone wanting the product, I mean it being a better rifle, and I believe it is, but that is for others to decide. I am more interested in the message that this would send to TPTB and I cannot in good conscience give these parasitic criminals something that could be used to hurt a fellow patriot. I'm also aware that most of the money to be made from something like this would be from military and law enforcement sales but I don't give a damn, I'm sick and tired of the way TPTB behave and I would like to do something to even up the playing field, or at least send a loud and clear message that they are playing with fire. I just wanted to get you guys thoughts on this idea, do you think it will work, any ideas on implimentation. Thanks