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Trying to find an alternative doctor is impossible

I am having a hell of a time finding an alternative MD for my 88 year old father. Every alternative MD or DO or even ND I take him to or consult with doesn't even want to be bothered with trying to help him because of his age. He has been suffering from an unknown mental decline that started suddenly over a few week period starting last December 2012.

He was hospitalized several times since then, each time he has short periods of lucidity immediately after the hospitalization, but then slowly falls into one of these states. He sleeps constantly and has vivid hallucinations and dreams that effect his daily functioning. He has been examined by neurologists who say its not Alzheimer's or dementia but they can't tell me whats causing it other than "aging." And because of this word "aging", no one will examine him further to find out whats going on, including the "alternative" doctors. So I'm supposed to what, stick him in a nursing home when there are probable causes for his symptoms? How do I find an alternative or holistic doctor who will do something to find out whats going on?

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Sorry I haven't been back recently.

Had a stressful last month or so. Our only neighbor that we knew around here, who helped us out a lot over the last 15 years, passed away suddenly in late September of a heart attack at 54 years of age. He leaves behind his mother who is in her early 80's and now has to try to do everything herself, hire someone, or rely on her other son, who has a family and career of his own, to help her. So that was sad and shocking news for both my father and I to say the least. To start, my father was hospitalized again about a month ago, and they did more mental status exams and pretty much ruled out any form of dementia, and attributed his symptoms to everything from poor vision, to depression, and of course, they tried to prescribe a chemical anti-depressant. The typical guesswork of modern medicine. I had the alternative dr my Dad is currently seeing put him on IV infusions of disodium EDTA chelation that last 4 hours, so will see how that goes. I also had him do a liver cleanse from Enzymatic Therapy to start.

My question is this. If I assume that most of his symptoms could be attributed to candida, as they all seemed to start after the hospitalization last Sep 2012 in which they gave him the powerful antibiotic clindamycin, would a course of Lufenuron be good? One of the posters here suggested it and I have been doing some research on it and it seems to make sense. It seems candida has a hard "chitin" layer that is impervious to most candida treatments, whether they be from the reduced sugar/carb diet, nystatin, or herbal preparations, as well as the body's own immune system. It seems this Lufenuron destroys candida's chitin layer, allowing the body's immune system to attack and destroy it. Does anyone have any recommendations on this front, and if so are the two places to buy it from, Sara Vaughter and the "candida cleanser" good sources?

I know it's possible for someone my father's age to be healed, as the recent post on here about another poster's 86 year old father with colon cancer will show.

Contact This Outifit: http://cmbm.org/

Are you willing and able to travel to New York or Virginia (DC area)?

To what major city are you closest?

Feel free to contact me privately if you prefer.

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This is going to sound too simple

I have a similar experience to your dad's. Cognitive ability diminishes accompanied by aches and pains, sleeping a lot, mildly vague dream like hallucinations along with weird stools. Mine is due to non-alchoholic liver disease. My system gets so backed up I feel very ill.
Here is what makes me better after being loaded up with pills especially antibiotics (I get pneumonia annually too.)

Nancy's yogurt. Half a cup to 1 cup each night. It works right away. It increases my appetite a bit and makes me feel not so full. The aches and pains go away and I think better not to mention everything else functions a bit better. I use watermelon to flush out the system too. Your dad needs a good flush out and a restoration of good bacteria in his plumbing. Really. Sounds dumb but what have you got to lose? It's cheap. Feed him a cup if you can. He'll get used to the taste. Nancy's Yogurt is based in Eugene Oregon. It has no sugar. It is pure as the sun and the very first real yogurt ever made years ago. I hope you can get your hands on some. Look it up online and see if you can order it. I doubt that I am wrong on this. I have a distinct feeling this is the ticket you are looking for. I know first hand. All good things are simple. The symptoms you describe are my symptoms too. Since all the other tests for him checks out to be okay, I would make every effort to get my hands on some of this wonderful healing food. The whole point is to put the good bacteria back into his system. You'd be a fool to not try this. Other yogurt will not work. Don't waste your time on it. Not all probiotics are the same. His good bacteria was killed with the pneumonia pills and he needs the good bacteria. He could live several more years and I congratulate you on not giving up. Naturopathics want to send sick people to a third world country like Mexico or to travel far when that's not possible for those who suffer from diminished health. Skip that. But coconut milk is good too if he can tolerate it. Use it sparingly in the morning. A tiny glass is good. It flushes out the organs but may make him nauseous on some days so only use it as needed. Skip the eggs. They are too hard to digest for a system that is suffering from toxins. They will make things worse. Good Luck!

Keepin' it real.


I know you said that this yogurt is different. We have quite a few manufacturers of organic yogurt available here, like Seven Stars Farm. We are also not far from Amish country, so all the stores nearby have an influx of raw and organic Amish made yogurt. I looked on Nancy's site, and there appears to be a few stores nearby that sell it. Just wondering how Nancy's yogurt can be any different from the raw ones from the Amish? They basically all use the same probiotics, don't they?

Yogurt Types

I don't know about the other yogurts even though the Amish yogurt sounds good. I can't see the container. I'd start with Nancy's since you said you can get it. Vanilla Nancy's is good. Then when he gets regular and stops aching and being confused and exhausted, use some of the other suggestions here like using foods high in Vitamin B 12 and coconut milk sold in the store by "silk". Use all foods in small amounts at a time. Don't push him. It's all about foods. No sugar. Use foods high in iron too when he's feeling okay.
I know what I'm talking about. Again, I suffer the same, though I am 30 years younger than your dad. He sounds like he has a sluggish liver. These are the symptoms I have from late stage non alcoholic viral liver disease. His is from being old and of course the antibiotics which he should not take. I'm not sick all the time if I follow a certain diet.
Like your dad, I can't eat much and food just doesn't taste right so I have to be choosy and I try to get the most nutrients in a day that I can with the little I can eat. I try to have variety. Beware: Some days I can eat bananas for potassium and some days they'll make me sick. Some days I can eat an egg and most days I cannot.(such could be your Dad's case too) I limit cheese intake but try to eat it when I can. I say this because you have to roll with what your dad feels safe eating for that day. He may have nausea and not know it. When his plumbing is backed up he feels full all the time. It's not the same as when a normal person's plumbing gets backed up. He is old and like an old car he needs special care. His organs and pipes are worn which get toxic. He might have success eating tiny portions of food throughout the day.
Plenty of water is good and popsicles are good to wet the whistle for someone who has no appetite. You'll find on days he can't eat, giving him just a tiny healthy snack will stimulate his desire to eat more for that day. He should "graze" and not stick to a '3 meal a day regiment' If only they told all elderly this they wouldn't suffer so much. He too has a compromised liver because he is old. No beer, wine, caffeine, sugar or cigarettes. No, no, no. No salt. No marijuana. The liver doesn't know how to process it. He can get ulcers from it. I'd be interested in knowing how you do with my suggestions. My dad lived to be 93 and had his issues similiar to failing body functions so that is what it is like to go naturally.
I'm relieved obamacare is on hold. I may still get my transplant and not be told to take morphine and go home and rest until I die. If you met me you would not know any of this was going on with me. I'm not even retirement age yet. Leave me your email if you wish. Starting with the yogurt is your best bet and then moving on to other things. It'll take time to clean his colon out and get the new good bacteria in it. Maybe a week or more to see results. Fresh fruit and veggies cut up real well for him are good. A small glass of Gerolsteiner water is good daily if he is not too sick on any given day-It has bubbles like soda. It is loaded with minerals and had 8% calcium. He can take his medication with it in the morning to help dissolve the pills. Rice is good if he likes jasmine rice and can eat a bit of butter on it. It has fiber and is good when the appetite is shot. He needs fiber....That's it...It's called intuitive healing using these suggestions to start with. Putting back the good bacteria is the first order of business. If he gets the runs at anytime from here on out, then he can drink Gatorade to put back electrolytes and be sure to use the yogurt. It's rough when your organs don't function like they used to. I'm not sure he should ever take the pneumonia antibiotics again. It sounds like he needs oxygen perhaps at night or at some point during the day. It's not pneumonia. Again, intuitive healing. Sorry this is so long..

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Additonally-about the gait

When I get sick from a backed up system full of toxins my balance is bad and I use a cane. After using Nancy's I have the gait of a nineteen year old and do not need the cane. The liver doesn't work to clean out the system like it used to. Keep it simple. Your dad cannot process nutrition like is implied here. He just can't absorb the nutrients so keeping clean of the toxins is best.

Keepin' it real.

Grain Brain

Grain Brain


American College for Advancement in Medicine


The best around.

My doc helped me cure cancer 13 years ago without chemo and radiation.

At his age, he most likely needs IV nutritional supplementation. Amino acid IV's coconut oil, omega 7s 3,6,9

The only way to guarantee nutritional sufficiency

Shotgun. All 90 proven essential nutrients in the proper ratio.

$300/month/100# for 3 months. That will insure there are no nutritional issues.

Treatment, if needed, can focus on the remaining issues. In the men-time move the ball down the court.

Free includes debt-free!

Google functional medicine,

Google functional medicine, and look for docs in your area who specialize in it.

rick simpson oil?


Yes, he was in two different teaching hospitals

nearby, St Lukes and Lehigh Valley Cedar Crest. Both neurology dept's gave him mental state questions and he passed easily. The most recent such test, he was asked questions for over an hour. Questions included drawing a clock, reciting months backwards, spelling words backwards, etc. The highest possible score is 30. Anything below 23 is considered some form of dementia or Alzheimer's, with the lower the score correlating with a more advanced dementia. My father scored a 29. The only question he got wrong was the current date, which he said he doesn't follow anymore because he doesn't have any important appointments or schedules to worry about, which the doctors got a kick out of. Otherwise he knew the month and year and when he saw the clock, knew what time it was as well.

Maybe stop looking for doctors

Pretend there aren't any doctors that can help (I'm sure that will be hard to do, ha ha)

Foggy headedness, achey all over, sounds like leaky gut and poor digestion... probably no candida or anything, just messed up digestion from antibiotics, and food allergies from the leaky gut.

Start with the basics... paleo diet, exercise daily, get grounded (bare feet touching the earth daily for a good 20 minutes to get electrically grounded... very healing and very natural), sunshine for at least 20 minutes when the sun is fairly high (to get a good dose of UVB) http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/09/2...

Then make sure digestion is working.. get some Digest Gold, and or HCL pills. Stay away from antacids, prevacid, etc... almost ALL digestion problems are from TOO LITTLE acid, regardless of what doctors say. Stick to organic foods. Cut out gluten, cut out dairy unless it is raw. Get some probiotics, goat milk yogurt. Organic beef, chicken and fish (get wild-caught fish; fish have mercury, so not too much fish).

Oh, another biggee, take a 1/2 teaspoon of organic non-radiated turmeric in water every morning.. helps heal the gut, which aids digestion.

Also, organic cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil... cook with it, make salad dressing with it... very healing for neurological problems, and other things... plus it doesn't degrade when cooked with high-heat.

Plus, add some Braggs raw apple cider vinegar.

Beets also, very healing for the gut. Cut down on the breads, grains etc. Get plenty of vitamin C rich foods, Kiwi, Watermelon, Stawberries, etc.

The human body is built to heal itself.

There are new studies that suggest "aging" is mostly related to the breakdown of the digestive system, being unable to absorb nutrients effectively, which leads to all sorts of problems.

Any teaching hospital nearby?

Maybe his symptoms would be interesting to neurologist who studies the brain.

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B12 deficiency

Has he been checked for B12 deficiency? I am a nutritionist and B12 deficiency is one of the most common reasons for dementia in the elderly. Does he has coordination or gait problems? Have they tested for B12 deficiency?



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Yes, he does also have gait and balance problems,

and yes he has been checked several times for B12 deficiency, as well as a test (blood test, but can't remember the name) to see if his body was using the B12 properly. All tests came back fine. No B12 deficiency.

Methylcobalamin injections

He may be a candidate for high methylcobalamin injections. Really. Some people need a lot more of a vitamin to override a problem. It is in the realm of nutrigenomics. But there could be a lot more going on. A functional medicine doctor is the best for this. Here is a link to someone in Pennsylvania. Don't know if they can help. If not, just google functional medicine doctors Pennsylvania and see what you find.



The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

Yes, this doctor was one of the ones I contacted

recently, but his initial consultation is absolutely outrageous - $800! And that's not covered by any insurance at all. How high a dose injections are we talking about?

Functional medicine is expensive

There are D.C.s in the area that do a lot of functional medicine testing. See, I used to do this years ago. We have a functional medicine M.D. here in Phoenix and he is very good. Naturopaths do a lot of functional medicine testing. Some are quite reasonable.

I am not quite sure exactly what dose but you can't get too much Methylcobalamin. And it has to be a compounding pharmacy that provides it. The regular pharmacist only provides cyanocobalamin which is inefficient. You want the methylcobalamin.

Again, I encourage you to Google functional medicine doctors, naturopaths, etc, in Pennsylvania and see what comes up.


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

Crazy question....

Has he either been treated for pneumonia or pneumonia like symptoms recently or has he developed any?

Have you checked with a Naturopathic Medicine SCHOOL? That's the first thing I would check.

Second, have you checked with an Osteopathy SCHOOL or teaching practice? That's the second thing I would check.

Another option is possibly traveling to Belgium where you can get world-class medical care for very inexpensive and most insurances will pay, though Medicare will not, a Medicare supplemental policy might - you'd have to check. And you may have to front the cash. PA to Belgium is six hours, Philly to Amsterdam + train. I wouldn't go to Brussels, but maybe the next tier of city size down.

Have you checked Mexico? Probably the best closest city to you is Chihuahua via El Paso. Same deal with insurance.

Yes a few times he was treated.

He had pneumonia a year ago and was given Clindamycin (the worst antibiotic ever), and after that developed severe loose stools, but more importantly, not long after he began developing these cognition symptoms. He was treated 4 more times with antibiotics since then for suspected pneumonia.

Do you happen to recall.....

If he was taking any psychotropics prior to development of pneumonia?

Or if his mental situation got worse before or after the pneumonia treatment?

Have you checked a naturopathic school or an osteopathic school or teaching practice?

No psychotropics. The neuro symptoms

(except for the balance and gait problem) started a couple months after he was given the clindamycin in Sep 2012, specifically sometime in December. The balance problems began slowly starting in 2007. Haven't checked any naturopathic schools or teaching facilities. Any places where I can check?

Perhaps you can check here.

Alternatives For Healing: A Holistic and Alternative Medicine Directory Resource


Personally, I'd look for a kinesiologist. In any event, good luck.

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Just how many doctors know

Just how many doctors know about a fungus attack? (Fungus can go in the brain.)

I'm reluctant to even post these company links publicly not knowing whose trying to shut them down, but I'll go ahead. It's interesting information.


It all goes to show it's a wild and wonderful world. The interaction of lifeforms is amazing. Although there are many lifeforms in nature that can hurt us there are also many lifeforms in nature that can help us.

I'm sure my father has candida, as he was

treated with his share of antibiotics over the years, and especially the last year or so. Do you think the lufenuron or the candida cell wall suppressor would be a better place to start? Though I am not a fan of pages like the first link that hype their sales pitch in a long drawn-out full page ad like that, and then prevent you from leaving the page when you try to close it.

I feel I need to address a few of these comments.

Many of you have been most helpful with your suggestions. But a few of you go back to the same comments that we have heard from most of the alternative drs over the last year. So I feel I need to address those comments:

No one knows when someone is going to die, so for anyone to quote average "statistics" and say well he went 13 years past that, so "it's his time to die," or he "led a good life, let him go", is insensitive to say the least. Neither you nor I or anyone, knows when someone will die. As long as they are still breathing, you have to keep trying.

"Is he suffering." Why of course he is. He complains everyday about how he feels, with pains in every joint in his body and stiffness in every muscle, his balance problems when walking, his foggy headedness, his extreme fatigue, the visions and things he sees from time to time, and his general overall health, etc., etc. He is fully aware of how he feels. He isn't some vegetable in a chair. I have been trying to get him to see an alternative doctor/practioner for almost 8 years. But the thing that always got in the way was money. We always had something that had to be fixed around the house or the car, and that where the money went. I kept begging him to do something alternatively, but the money just wasn't there, and most of these practioners charge huge sums of money for their consultations and it is very rarely if ever covered by insurance. When I hear a comment like that one, I expect I will soon hear that it's time to euthanize him.

My father hears this all the time when we are in the practioner's office, or in the hospital. He feels he is being cast off because of his age, and it HURTS.

It is absolutely ridiculous the mentality that we have in this society about old people. Even in alternative medicine, this mentality exists. It seems to be almost a mortal sin to want to even try and help or reverse health conditions in the elderly; like they are a burden and the faster we can rid society of this burden the better. Many of you say these things or think them and think that's the way it should be. But don't you realize you are no better than the death panels of Obamacare or the greedy politicians. Society is, in effect, sending our aged out to pasture to die, by suggesting that they go in a nursing home, or have nursing care to "manage" their conditions, almost like they are too far gone to help them with natural medicine. Are they any less worthy to be helped than anyone else? As long as a person is still breathing, has a heartbeat, and a will to live, we must do everything in our power to help, and to try and reverse these problems/conditions, just as we can do for people who are "younger." Some of you will fire back and say you were just being "realistic." How about the same realism for, hypothetically, a terminal cancer patient, half my father's age, who has been sent home to die by conventional medicine? Would you tell him/her that they must be "realistic" and face facts and just die, after they turned to alternative medicine for hope? The human body is the human body, regardless of age, and they are all effected by the same problems from diet, toxins, metals, etc. When some of you can see that, you will see what I am after here.

Maybe stop looking for doctors

see above

They don't want to bother because they have no clue.

Contact me through DP or my website.

Eliminate the bad foods. No fried food, No plant oils, No nitrites or nitrates, no well done or burnt meats.

2-3 eggs a day soft boiled or soft poached in water or butter, is needed to produce neurotransmitters

Fish oil or flaxseed oil is needed to produce neurotransmitters.

Throw away the statins, they cause dementia according to recent studies.

Up to 900 diseases can be remedied by proper nutrition. If you contact me, I can show you how to get 38% off the nutrients you father needs. That we all need.

Free includes debt-free!

Great advice.

Eliminate all sugars, MSG and other flavor enhancers as well.