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Seriously, at this point I can't help but think that the American people who care ought to make citizen arrests

... of the traitors against the Constitution.

And armed with :

1) copies of the Constitution


2) English dictionaries

Take them into custody, and peacefully, orderly :

press public charges on all their unconstitutional acts, in both written bills and actions.

Just IMO.

Here is my rationale :

supposedly, the main function of the people's representatives is to... Well, represent the people.

Now, I believe there are mounts of evidence that many of them have abandoned this function long ago and only serve special interests that will only be ALWAYS more protected by totally perverted and unconstitutional laws.

For just one recent - and to the point - example, I can just take this spectacularly blatant one, for instance:

These Are The 217 People Who Voted To Preserve NSA Surveillance


I mean, if THAT is not seeing THE PEOPLE as THEIR collective ENEMY - from THEIR explicitly expressed point of view - I have NO FREAKING CLUE what could ever be!

So, that's really hopeless to try undo or fight these behaviors on purely legal ground when the ground is constantly moving in CRUEL DISFAVOR of the people!

It is a formidable breaking of contract between them and the people.

And THEY HAVE CHOSEN to do this breaking in the first place, NOT the people.

It is too easy to blame the people for voting in over and over again corrupt politicians, because the latter have also used their illegitimately accrued powers and made careful provisions to bar always more easily the competition.

This is a Republic, NOT a Democracy:

the rule of law, the just law, is to render justice by following THE TEXTS, and NOT whatever manipulated public opinion of a majority.

But okay, I will understand the downvotes. I only wanted to speak my mind on what matters and ought to be done non violently by caring again about what is the only true source of justice:

FAITHFULNESS TO THE LANGUAGE in which The Law, and The Constitution are written.


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Evil is more organized.

The country has been seized. There is no way violence or arrest will change that.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

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Yes, I know. Easier said than done

Yes, I know. Easier said than done, of course. They do have powerful tools and shields to help them continue their legal plunder in all impunity, although they are in tiny minority, all hands.

It's all about proportions in numbers of the just vs. the unjust and accomplices, again. And as often.


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