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Then We Arrested A Congressman. Then We Ordered Pay-Per-View and A Pizza

10-8 update - If you want the full story see the comments as that is where updates will be located from now on.)

Please note: The following is filed under the category of fiction for two reasons. First: because it has not happened yet and second: because so many of the facts have been changed out of necessity that it is no longer an entirely true story. However, I am still very sure you will like it :)

I don't know any names. I don't know any dates. I don't know any locations. All I know is that I am a member of a group of over 80 people spread across our vast and great nation who, for the past 6 years, have been plotting the arrest and detention of a Senator, Congressman, Judge, or Governor under the charge of high treason against the United States of America.

And that the arrest will occur in the next two weeks.


We always assumed that we were being watched

It didn't take long for that classic question to come out: "what if they're watching us right now? What if one of us is CIA?"

When I asked, it was more 'tongue in cheek' than serious. I was already heavily invested by that time, and there had been more than enough evidence for any reasonably intelligent person to draw their conclusion by then to make my inquiry seem naive at best.

Still I asked it, and still I meant it. If this guy, my 'contact' in the organization wasn't able to provide at least a bullshit non-response, if his laugh wasn't wholehearted, then I simply wasn't interested. I don't need any more feathers in the wind.

But the answer he gave proved to be more telling than it first appears: "I was hoping you would ask that."

"We expect the NSA, Homeland Security, CIA, all them a-holes to be watching. And we give them plenty to watch."

Birth of an Idea: The Bankster protest

It all started, simply enough, with one short easy question: If we actually could arrest one of the Washington War Criminals, what would that look like?

This question seemed innocent enough amongst the particular people I was hanging out with that day - The Great Bankster Protest of '09 - and it may have passed unnoticed, since we'd all heard it so many times before, except this time I wasn't willing to let it go.

"You'd need a jail." I said, "Handcuffs, a vehicle, and definitely some video cameras."
"And an arrest warrant" came a voice from the crowd.
"And a cattle-prod, most likely!"
"Sure, but how would you ever get close enough to serve either?" came that voice again.

A voice I wouldn't hear again for more than 2 years.


(first of many parenthesis moments) This story can not be told in a classic narrative fashion of 'this happened, then this etc.' This story can only be told episodically - meaning that the punchline has already been delivered: that there will be a citizen's arrest of either a congressman or a senator, captured live and broadcast live via the internet, with all relevant paperwork filed, charges, et al, for what it's worth. The things most worth writing about did not happen in chronological order so a 'beginning to end' version of this story would not read well. The Q&A session that follows should be helpful.

The arrest will not be based on any particular vote or action from the particular C/S. It will not be based on the amount of time the individual has been in office. It will not be based around any one particular issue. It will be based on the number of treasonous votes times the amount of time in office divided by a random sequence generated by atmospheric noise.

...We couldn't allow recent events to weigh too heavily in favor of a 'candidate' since such votes for or votes against so often disappeared into the vapor of history without comment. Would a vote against war in Syria weigh in favor of a 'candidate?' The randomizer systems helped again of course.


Which came first - The 'group' or Daily Paul?

I joined Daily Paul after I was recruited. I needed to prove my writing/documenting skills and establish an in with a widespread internet forum. My writing was previously and easily established via www.biodiesel.infopop.cc where I posted under the name 'clean and green'. My current and ongoing internet presence was more easily provided via Daily Paul.

The operation

The randomization

The randomization was done for a bunch of reasons. We didn't want any one person or faction to take over the movement. We didn't want any CIA infiltrators to gain power through means forthright or subtle. we also felt an obligation to future peoples' movements to provide a platform of sorts to build upon.

The broadcasting

The Telling

I was chosen for the job of telling this story through our normal process - random sequences were selected, personal desire to do the job was implied, the group voted on it, the magic 8-ball was consulted.

Table of Contents

How did I join this group

It all began with the simple question. Until then I hadn't been planning on joining a secret group intending on arresting a congressman or senator. After the meet I felt quite agreeable to the idea.

How did we organize

We formed what we came to refer to as a 'Limited Anarchy.' A good analogy would be a ship that had everyone's hands on the wheel, with everyone having a potential ability to sink himself and everyone else on board. Since natural human tendencies like trust sometimes sink ships, we programmed into the software countermeasures against trust. An example would be that anyone who was consistently on the winning side of votes would have this count against them in the amount of 'weight' the program added to their vote. Time in the group also counted against a member's machine-calculated confidence level. Rather than trusting someone because they'd been in since the beginning, the program would distrust them for this. Alternately, new members were given increased clout during votes.

'Leia' (the more humanized name given to the program as a convenience and demi-pronounciation of the initials for Limited Anarchy - L.A.) became the completely unhinged member of the tribe who had disproportionate power at her disposal, and an uncanny ability to know when she was being watched.

How did we communicate

We had 'open' sessions and 'closed' sessions. Open sessions were conducted on open phone lines that were ripe for monitoring, during which we spoke openly on a separate innocuous topic - let's say, the opening of a cake decorating shop. More intensive conversations went over secure encrypted lines.

How did we choose which C/Senator to arrest

How did we decide when to do act?

How did we finance the project

How did we assign decision-making power

((I just learned the definition of the word 'footnote.' Please see below.))
(1) Cheese required with meals in Wisconsin http://www.slashfood.com/2009/10/19/wisconsin-apple-pie-and-...

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So I've learned that at least one arrest attempt was made

and thwarted.

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Colorful, but...

at this point a Piet mosaic would be easier to read.

Yeah - I owe everyone a rewrite.

But it is slow in coming for two reasons. First - rewriting is slow and tedious. Second - I've made it clear that tptb will get more from me by letting me remain free rather than picking me up and putting me in a secret prison for rendition.

So please be patient :)

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An Obsolete PSA from Homestar Runner:

MARSHIE: Stuff some in your pockets for—

{The chalk marshmallows go into the pocket. Marshie's voice turns creepy as the following words appear on the screen}

MARSHIE: —secret eating!!!

Substitute pocket for prison. Patience is a virtue. :)

Stick secret marshmallow in side pocket...

Just don't cheat yourself on the 8-ball.

Update to come thursday at 4:06 pm (hint: nothing has changed)

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Sigh - no arrests to report.

I only have a 50/50 guess as to whether the person who was supposed to arrest a senator or congressman today and didn't, didn't do it because of fear or real threat of arrest by a cop.

Truck drivers in Washington -

Good luck. I hope one of you is one of us. If not, please read this thread for possibly some help in arresting these suit wearing dorks!

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Stuff is happening.

Like you needed me to tell you that.

(more to come)

pay per view and a pizza...

of course there had to be a secondary event to make sure against false-positives...

In this case it was a fast food order...

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here's the link from the Washington Post


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National Journal now reports...


Reps. Luis Gutierrez, Keith Ellison, Joseph Crowley, Al Green, and John Lewis were among the arrested, as crowds bellowed Si se puede! The arrested, including other protesters, were led away in zip-wire handcuffs by Capitol Police, which have been on the job but forgoing pay since the government shut down. It was all a planned portion of a massive immigration rally that began on the National Mall on Tuesday morning. Organizers estimated 20,000 protesters attended at the peak of the rally.

The lawmakers will each need to post a $50 fine, and there will likely be an Ethics Committee report generated as a result of the incident, according to one aide.

House Democrats introduced last week an immigration proposal that would remove a controversial border security measure from a comprehensive bill approved by the Senate in June.

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It's turning out to be some kind of publicity stunt...

If one of these arrests is someone from our group I won't know for possibly another day as I can't access the email that would give me a link to the livestreaming video from this computer.

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This attempt was a no-go too.

Another cancellation. Completely expected. Not just because of the recent 'shutdown' bs, but because they are typical and frequent.

I haven't commented here since the shutdown started but this is something the group anticipated as we headed into September and launched the mission. Now we're learning that truck drivers are organizing to descend on Washington and arrest a few senators of their own. I wonder if any of our group are members, though I would doubt that they founded the group first because such extra-curricular activities are not in the plan, and also because there are questions about whether the group is promoting a race-based agenda - something outside the mindset of our membership as far as I can tell.

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Hit anyone but the show-horses...


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This upside-down text generating site was helpful...

for sending certain messages.


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Hello friends. Don't mind adding a bit.

But now ...qq

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Obamacare? Debt Ceiling? Yawn.

The group decided at a point that the issue of the day could not matter - there could not be a single 'point of no return' issue that caused us to act, not to act, to redouble or to retreat. It came down to a do-or-die attitude. And knowing that it would be a drawn-out process, that nobody could predict the future, and that the past was so easily forgotten, that informed us that the best chance we had was to act quickly - as soon as possible after preparations were made and the boats were burned in the harbor ala hannibal.

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All this recent Adam Kokesh business is the reason why...

we worked so long on devising a decision-making structure in our group which would prevent any one person or a faction of members from taking over and steering the entire ship into a rock.

In Adam's case, it appears that he is the victim here, as well as some of his associates. But it wasn't one person. It had to be two and only two people working together.

First impression - only half-way through the lawyer's statement so far...

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Special sessions have been called.

Some senators and congressman have recently announced public meetings for the purpose of addressing 'climate change'.

I can not say that rogue elements in our group will not take advantage of these opportunities.

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The first citizen's arrest of a senator failed.

I have to lie to y'all again and say that the decision came in in the last few days. Possibly true but possibly false.

Regardless, the 'order' was reconveyed to the system, a new senator or congressman was chosen for arrest, and the plan is still live.

There is no stopping us. Arrest one of us and you accomplish nothing.

I'm still here at my apartment in Green Bay WI, waiting. There are no guns I will come out peacefully.

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No news yet, though due to the various delays I am up to 4 days


If the first effort fails, a second may commence and succeed before I am told of it via email. I probably won't hear about it on the local news, either.

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Tomorrow I am going to check on a computer if a message

came through, telling me if the first arrest attempt was cancelled. If it turns out to have been cancelled, a new name will be chosen from any of the names which have indicated that they will have direct face-to-face contact with a senator or congressman in the next 2 weeks.

This could be any sort of meeting at all. A pre-arranged appointment to discuss, briefly, any of a myriad of issues, from citizen's watch groups to zoning to p.r. with a group of 'Who's whos.' A public appearance with a handshaking session for donors. A backroom or back alley encounter.

If you're looking for the computer I'll be using, you can find it by tracking the chip in my brain. Otherwise there will be no other chips on me. I'll have left my cellphone at home, forgotten my glasses, and I'll be wearing clothes newly purchased from the local thrift store.

More people should shop at thrift stores.

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Was able to use a computer at 6:57 p.m. today 9-12 at my friend

Jorge's place...

Where I was able to log into an email account which serves the sole function of informing me whether or not a communication has gone out to any of my contact email accounts, and it said 'no.'

This is neither good nor bad.

9-14 update Still nothing.

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You have me extremely

You have me extremely intrigued, checking this thread multiple times daily. I hope it's legit! Positive energies toward your operation.

Sorry for the incompleteness of the story - it's an insurance

policy against being arrested and rendered or something like that. 'They' must know that if I'm on the 'outside' I'll keep talking, adding information.

So here's another clue for them and everyone else - I won't know immediately when/if the first arrest is canceled, but I will know the reason it wasn't.

Why? Well first - as to the not knowing exactly when the 'signal' was sent out indicating that the first 'go' was botched, scrapped, or straight-up cancelled, this is so the identity of neither the senator or congressman to be arrested, or the individuals sent to arrest them, can be revealed by me and my revalations, intentionally or inadvertently. There is a random time gap of 1-3 weekdays between when the 'signal' is sent out and when I eventually receive it, plus the amount of time it takes for me to find it in the secret email account and decode it.

And how will I know which reason it was not - cold feet, cancellation due to scheduling conflict, devastating failure resulting in an automatic 'mayday' signal being sent out that only the arrestors could have stopped, indicating that they themselves have been detained, or a few others? This will come from nearly 10 year-old malware software from the pop-up ad days that monitors credit card activity and sends it to the email address. The dollar amount of the transaction is the code that tells me, as the biographer, for various reasons we debated as a group at length, which it was not. However, I may eventually learn what it was in the future so stay tuned!

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The greenest grass is found in the fall.

I'm nervously awaiting tomorrow morning when a memory card I'm watching on ebay sells for an amount that tells me the appointment was cancelled. Senators and congressman love to cancel appointments.

Tuesday evening update:

Still no word either way. I am cut off from some levels of communication now but the tradeoff is that I'm among the first in line for word of a 'cancellation.'

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Linda Cross's picture

consider "aiding terroist" as the crime

and hang them with their own rope. Details here: http://www.dailypaul.com/298455/national-vote-of-no-confidence
Anxiously awaiting your fictional book to appear on Amazon :)

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

I'm too freaked out right now to finish or even continue...

I've written this story a thousand times in my head without writing anything at all down. I would love to go into some of the heated strategy sessions that went on between some of the people who had conversations on secure satellite phones out in the woods wearing brand-new clothing from head to toe to avoid the possibility of listening devices, the online discussions about Game Theory and how some of us who were particularly eager to act sooner rather than later were either informants, naive kids, or pathological patriots. I'd even like to tell some stories about all the false intel and static we put out to make sure the NSA or whoever else might have been paying attention to us earned their $100,000 salary.

But it's Saturday and I'm not being tortured in some CIA dungeon. And the first live go hasn't been canceled and the auto-send digital distress signal hasn't gone out...

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Treason is not possible

No one has the ability to commit treason in the United States and has not since the close of World War II.... I think you overlook this point.

"Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court."

We don't have any enemies of war, as we have not declared it since that fore mentioned time. Not upholding your oath the the constitution or crimes against the constitution are not crimes, although the former (breaking your oath) should be a crime.

Sometimes Life Imitates Art, Sometimes Art...

Imitates Life. Either way, may God make your efforts successful as he did for the Founding Fathers.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15