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The last time McCain and Kerry partnered up... It was to screw over veterans


We've spent thousands of dollars
and scores of hours restoring our
massive video archive...

And I'm glad we did because we found
this gem I GUARANTEE no one else
has talked about it.

McCain and Kerry have worked
together before on "war" issues...

And you will never believe what
they did.



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Worst person in the world?

McCain may not be the worst person in the world, but he comes close. One sick man. I still can't understand his motivation. Something deep and twisted and dark inside him. I heard rumors that he was much less of a 'war hero' than advertised. Probably some serious 'father issues' not living up to expectations as well. Gets his cred from his POW status. I didn't know about his opposition to looking for the POWs missing and left behind.

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Just my intuition...

Just my intuition... I think he has been hating America for long - America, as a Constitutional Republic, that is.

It just so happens that he is now dropping the mask for good - as the true fascist he is.

He probably had only one goal in life: to get to power, whatever it takes, and to enjoy using it.

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I've quit trying to figure these kind of people out.

And I no longer even look at McCrazy as a bad person. He is a lost soul that probably thinks he's been doing the right thing and getting rich doing it.

They are fine examples of why America was formed.

Sad that a couple of hundred years later, the people have allowed the same psychopathic behavior to encroach on their freedom and bow down to people like McCrazy, and an imperialistic government.

He should be allowed to have his opinion, but should in no way have the power he has had for decades to destroy my country.