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Too much to ask?

A few people I'd like to see in Washington...

Prez Rand Paul
VP Ted Cruz

Sec of treasury Thomas E. Woods Jr.
Sec of defense Ron Paul
Sec of state Jim DeMint

(some other things I'd like to see...)
Speaker of the house Justin Amash
Senate majority leader United States Senator Mike Lee
Supreme court appointee Judge Andrew Napolitano

(and just because...)
Whitehouse press secretary Ben Swann

What I would like those people to do:

End the fed, end the wars, stop drone bombing innocent civilians, shut down the NSA, TSA, DHS, CIA and EPA, close the departments of Energy, Commerce, Interior, Education, and Housing and Urban Development, stop creating more fiat currency, balance the budget, start paying off our debt, end foreign aid, end corporate aid (bailouts), stop funding Al-Qaeda and Al Nusra affiliated rebels in Syria (or anywhere else for that matter), reverse our policy of exporting democracy to the middle-east, reverse the US federal government's devolution from a constitutional republic to a democracy, repeal the patriot act, repeal the indefinite detention provision of the NDAA, repeal the income tax, close the IRS, significantly reduce the number of overseas military bases, secure the border with mexico, reform immigration, end the drug war, stop jailing people for victimless crimes, prosecute war criminals such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Henry Kissinger, and George Bush, end state funding for abortion, ban abortion as a means of birth control, close Guantanamo bay and ban all forms of torture, initiate a plan to slowly phase out social security, medicare, medicaid, welfare, etc, repeal Obamacare, give term limits to all members of the House of Representatives, allow businesses to tap into the natural resources in our country (such as oil and natural gas), encourage private investment in research on renewable energy sources and space exploration, work under the pretense that private funding is much better than public funding for scientific research, trade freely with other countries (such as cuba), enter entangling alliances with none (such as Israel), do not put the interests of other countries before our own, enforce the policy to protect whistleblowers from prosecution in the US, provide complete transparency of federal government actions, require extensive back-ground checks for EVERY federal politician or employee, enforce the supremacy of the bill of rights over all other government regulations and policies, READ THE DANG CONSTITUTION OUT LOUD IN CONGRESS, stay out of our personal lives, protect life, liberty, and property rights, and defend the smallest minority on earth - the INDIVIDUAL!

Yes, I know... But one is allowed to dream, yes?

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Not too much to ASK

Rather much to expect. But don't stop dreaming.

"You got to have a dream. If you no have a dream, then how you have a dream come true?" -- Oscar Hammerstein

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