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This Video Will Blow Your Mind. Government Subliminal. From the movie, "They Live"

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how many times will daily paulers fall for this crap? the worst part is they call it "truth" and anyone who doesn't believe the nonsense they peddle is a stupid sheeple.

This is fake

This has been posted to the front page of the Daily Paul multiple times, and every time it gets taken off because the video is a fake. Come on mods, da fuck? It would have only taken a minute of research to verify the authenticity of this article. With all the real things going on in the world, can we please stop linking fake stories to the front page? It makes us look gullible and lazy. If anything, that sharpie commercial (which is real and disturbing)should have been the one linked to the front page. Jeez Louise guys. ALSO, THIS IS NOT FROM THE MOVIE "THEY LIVE" !!!!!!!!!!! It is just a fake YouTube video

Federal Family - less covert subliminal


Sebelius Describes Federal Government As 'Our Federal Family'

Same in Sharpie Commercial from ...

..the Occupy Wall Street period: