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Young Turks "Rand Paul vs. John Kerry On Syria

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And pearl harbor was not an air-strike. No boots on the ground, so it wasn't an act of war....


A new phrase has been coined.
limited deaths
limited number of body parts separated from persons
limited destruction of homes and infrastructure.

limited intelligence of those who propose limited war.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

that was disappointing

i couldn't really tell if they were for or against a limited strike.
it all just seemed like a big joke to them.
i fail to see the humor in murdering people who have done nothing to us.

Thats a reason that made me

Thats a reason that made me think whether to post this or not, as i completely agree with you in their behaviour, but i thought one or two points made were important enough to post evidence on the spread of common reason, even in the face of the behaviour.
I think most of us feel the same, its not that i personally condone the behaviour by posting and spreading the behaviour, its that i hope others will feel as you and i do by instinct about the behaviour, we hope, and hear what they are saying
Still waiting for better folks or same folks to grow, to become completly attuned to the peoples voice
In knowledge
In passion
In understanding
In, informing
In conviction
And, most importantly, in liberty

i understand completely

believe me i've posted items that i think are crap but that i believe
still deserve discussion. some people get it, others don't.

i've seen some good clips at young turks, but then they (he) backtracks with some utter nonsense. i believe in a joining of forces of libertarians and progressives, especially on foreign policy and personal freedoms.
remember when there was talk of ron paul running with dennis kucinich as his veep. we need more of that kind of thinking in my opinion.

yep, you and i, are "attuned"

yep, you and i, are "attuned" :)

Well, not being too presumptous for the both of us, lets just say, i agree

sorry, just to clarify, presumptous to say we are part of the voice, i dont claim it, i will ask for its consent to join, kinda thing, if that makes even one iota amount of sense

its always a mash up

Asking for authorization is the wrong narrative. Authorization is required and required every time. The Constitutional lesson is being hijacked and replacing with Obama is clever for asking congress to debate.

Somebody needs to tell Cenk this is about a pipeline

may be a natural gas pipeline and not oil, but it's still about 'energy'. Until they stop with the 'civil war' meme and start saying what this is really about, the ridiculous banter will continue.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

agreed...they are missing the

agreed...they are missing the history of the region - the BIG PICTURE and focusing only on the Washington's narrative as to the causal "event", which would appear (the Kerry and Obombya puppets hope) to justify the killin' and bombing that Washington/TPTB has been planning for years. Not the actual history and the true unstated reasons for this action. Syria DOES matter, Cynk, in the geo-political chess game that is going on...

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

right on

i couldn't believe none of them had clue about that.

I think Rand had his little speech prepared so he missed

the moment to be more emotional and spontaneous. Rand allowed Kerry to get away with such arrogant remarks as "I assure you senator, there is evidence blah blah ..." Rand should have demanded the evidence there and then. Such arrogance should have made Rand angry, not take a back seat. I mean, there was so much room for serious come back.
What I didn't get is why at such a late date as Sept 3, did not Rand know that there was news for three days already that it was the Al Quaeda rebels that set off the gas bombs. The news through a journalist said the weapons were given by the Saudi Prince and the rebels did not know they were chemical and triggered one killing 12 of their own men. It was said Saudi Arabia and Qatar want to run natural gas pipelines through Syria to supply Europe.
If all this is true, and the public knows about it, why didn't Rand have this like a hammer in his hand? He should have clobbered Kerry with that info.
My biggest disappointment is that considering the severity of this travesty of the Constitution, why aren't emotions flying high?
I'm beginning to believe Rand may be a body double at this point, he almost seemed to side with Kerry.
He should have said "Well, if Obama gets his way, then I have no recourse than to rally 5 million strong to march on Washington the day you attack Syria." I'm lockin' and loadin' Rand.
Btw, what about the news that a hacked Colnel's email suggests that our military was in on the Syria gasing and the children were not really dead but was false flag. So many lies, and no one cares to discover the truth. I can't take it any more, I believe we need a genuine down and dirty Revolution.

because the actions you plan

because the actions you plan to do, done onto us, would be perfectly acceptable, like 9/11 was perfectly acceptable.......not to suggest i believe in the official story, and not to say i believe in any theories, just the suspicion that they are'nt, telling the people the truth or at least the whole truth

Cenk nailed it..

it is about a missile strike...which is war, and then when Syria retaliates in self defense then we have the cause for a much larger war.

Once we launch those missiles we cannot control the events that will follow and it could lead to WW3...and the fact is that this is about getting Iran to engage so that we have a reason to go full retard on them...for the Israeli's and the amerikan Zionist.

kerry was the alpha

rand got betaed. rand was right but he was trying to be too nice so as not to hurt his prez bid. he seemed uneasy and afraid to raise his voice and cut kerry off or ask the chairman to admonish the witness. if he's gonna mix it up with christie he needs to try a different tact or cc will destroy him with bluster even if rands facts are right.
i know rand has it in him but that exchange made me nervous. his nervous water drinking was the biggest tell.

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rand needs to step up his game against these evil mothers.

Rand tries to play to Independents.

Rand's strength is that he doesnt keep to GOP talking points. I think his whole act is about playing to independents. Independents perceive Kerry as a veteran and are interested to hear about what Kerry thinks he might have learned from his war experience. I applaud Rand for having patience to seem to listen. You may be right about the water drinking but I saw it as a way to inhibit this desire to talk over Kerry.

Not War...no boots on the ground...limited engagement

Huh... I remember hearing about his kind of thing before... hmmm...yeah...yeah...Sounds to me like the "punishment" those asian guys meted out, via a "no boots on the ground - limited engagement", to...oh... ummmmm....Oh who was that? Damn...you know...It was like a while back...crap...Oh...it was on December 6, 1941...oh...It's on the tip of my tongue! It happened on an island...oh jeez...I can't believe this...(face palm)...friggin' public school...

I'll get back to you...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Dear John Kerry, As a fellow

Dear John Kerry,

As a fellow man, we all know damn well what 'Just the tip' actually means, so shut the fuck up with this 'Limited Action' crap, OK?"



We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.


I just had a conversation with a buddy of mine about that.

Wow, they are so torn

it seems like they know war is wrong and stupid and the 'not war' bombing is going to turn into something bigger, but all they do is make excuses and justify what kerry says

They seemed to have forgotten

Vietnam started out as a limited war, after 60,000 Americans were killed and countless Vietnamese were dead, it didn't seem so limited. This is insanity.