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Bruce Braley Wants to hear what we thnk POLL

A letter from Bruce Braley asking for out oppinion on syria.


If you’ve been following the news over the past couple of weeks, then you’ve been hearing a lot about Syria.

On August 21, the brutal dictator who rules Syria apparently used chemical weapons against his own people, killing hundreds of civilians including women and children. It’s the latest horrific example of unchecked violence in Syria’s ongoing civil war.

President Obama has called for an American military response to this heinous and despicable act, and he’s asking Congress for authority to do it. So next week, the US House will take a vote to approve American military intervention in Syria.

And I want to know what you think: Should the US intervene in Syria?

Click here to take this short poll to let me know if you believe our country and military should be involved in Syria.


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We have a massive debt from

We have a massive debt from all the other wars we started (and lost). We have massive unemployment rates. Massive crime rates. Dwindling freedom. A city that lies in ruins. We are headed for third world status. We can't even take care of ourselves, and all of this is a result of the last time we fell for the war propaganda.

On top of this there is no clear good guy in Syria. While Assad may or may not have used chemical weapons (still a big IF, and completely devoid of motive) the rebels most certainly have been filmed eating the innards of their enemies' children. How dare we even entertain the thought of siding with such a group?

And if we do this, where do we stop? Do we go into North Korea? Do we go into China? What if our conflicts provoke a global conflict? It's already been made clear that 95% of Americans don't want involvement, so what if your involvement provokes internal unrest? What if an organized group rises to oppose the current government? Will we kill them? Will we kill our own people? Will we bomb targets like we do in other countries, without regard for civilian life?

How the hell are we any different than Syria? We are MONSTERS right now. We not only shouldn't bomb Syria, we must withdraw our forces from around the globe. The members of our government who vote for bombing Syria will be seen by history as are those who carried out the Holocaust.

These are all unverified US claims. Like WMD in Iraq.

The lying liars will never stop lying.

Everyone just has to stop listening to them.

Free includes debt-free!