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There's a lot of different angles on this Syria nonsense.. Here's one more.

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The artist left the

The artist left the teleprompter out of the cartoon.

If that doesn't say it ALL!

Yes, Mr. Imposter.....you are so very transparent!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

it's curious

A month ago some were suggesting the nsa spying was a distraction from a Syrian war march. Are we to believe the obomba admin is dragging us into a potential world war to distract people from a scandal they and congress have seemingly accepted? There is so much political downside to waging a war w 8% public approval.

The only thing I don't like about your post is...

...that you classified it under section "humor". :)

Ask Obama why US Air Force

Ask Obama why US Air Force Jets leave chemtrails behind them and Russian Fighter Jets don't?
This doesn't look too stealthy to me and gives away their location. Not a very smart defense strategy if you ask me.
File:Mig-29s intercepeted by F-15s - DF-ST-90-05759.jpg

Probably because those far off jets are at a higher altitude

where there is less water vapor in the air.

Damn I hate it when a good conspiracy can be debunked so simply!

It's simpler than that

The jets in the foreground are much closer to the camera. Chances are the contrails we see from the Russian jets in the distance are as long as the contrails coming off of the F15s.

To the original poster, even if the military is dumping chemicals into the air, they're not going to be doing it from fighters in an active defense role. Adding the additional weight for dispensing equipment and storage of a significant amount of chemicals would render the aircraft useless as a fighter.

Also, note that this picture was taken in 1989. This is not a recent picture.

Wait, but I thought

you had to get high enough where the temperature is -40 before the trails would linger... but no it's gotta have water vapor in the air too... I guess it's real touchy these conditions where simple exhaust produce "clouds" that last all day... never mind why they are so prevalent in drastically different condition's... move along now, nothing to see here.

Love it.

Love it.

Prism is still running, saving all our phone calls, emails, etc.

And new scandals are sprouting like dandelions.

Free includes debt-free!