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WOW! Syrian Woman Rips Into John McCain At 'Town Hall' Over Syria (VIDEO)

WOW! Syrian Woman Rips Into John McCain At 'Town Hall' Over Syria


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Cyril's picture

Respect and admiration

Respect and admiration for her articulated points.

I have no choice but to apply self-censorship on what I think this John POS McCain deserves in my book for his insulting her.

I only want to point out the infuriating insult he managed to put in such a short time:

"I, too, have been to Syria, and I know the people..."

While this POS went there to close the deal with the "rebels" - brutal mercenaries - he is funding and arming from the beginning, ONLY to bring more chaos over HER people and destroy her relatives' country, getting rid of Assad who just happens to be in his way...

What an inhumane evil in flesh and bones this traitor is.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


McCain is an evil person. Notice his smiling and other monkey faces as she talks. Then the nerve to pretend he cares about what she said and ends it with his pro intervention bs. Shame on the people there who applauded him.

Yeah and....

then mCcain carryed on like a @ssH0LE!!! This has got to be mCcain's last term as a Senator! End the mCcain!!!!

Powerful. I cannot believe a


I cannot believe a long, long time ago I actually liked McCain. The guy is brain dead and he needs to return his mask to the Texas Chainsaw Massacrer.

I long for the day when humans stop begging their masters...

and render them impotent by simply ignoring them.

I'm at that point where I refuse to even show up at a town hall, because my mere presence would lend some kind of legitimacy to the sponsoring scumbag who claims to rule over me.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Right On! Us Uppity Slaves

Right On!

Us Uppity Slaves gotta stop legitimizing the slave masters...

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Or, In the Immortal Words of Zack de la Rocha

[yes all caps 'cause it's meant to be sung/screamed at TOP VOLUME]


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I can feel what you express.

I can feel what you express.

Yeah, but you know, they are the same "supermen" who are first to enjoy firing back at the people, to justify their continued plunder, with the oh so classic:

"Hey, I / we've been 'elected', mind you."


They will never add, though:

"... whatever it took."


Woes to the demagogues!

Disgusting. Tiring.

In all times.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I agree,

Time is much better spent with your neighbors and ignoring them.


Knew it was going to be good when she brought up the Keating Five.

Keating 5

Thank you for bringing this up. This was not a topic I was aware of and it didn't register on my radar until your post. Now I'm reading about it and encourage others to. Below is a link I found:


Once upon a time, a politician took campaign contributions and favors from a friendly constituent who happened to run a savings and loan association. The contributions were generous: They came to about $200,000 in today's dollars, and on top of that there were several free vacations for the politician and his family, along with private jet trips and other perks. The politician voted repeatedly against congressional efforts to tighten regulation of S&Ls, and in 1987, when he learned that his constituent's S&L was the target of a federal investigation, he met with regulators in an effort to get them to back off.

That politician was John McCain, and his generous friend was Charles Keating, head of Lincoln Savings & Loan. While he was courting McCain and other senators and urging them to oppose tougher regulation of S&Ls, Keating was also investing his depositors' federally insured savings in risky ventures. When those lost money, Keating tried to hide the losses from regulators by inducing his customers to switch from insured accounts to uninsured (and worthless) bonds issued by Lincoln's near-bankrupt parent company. In 1989, it went belly up -- and more than 20,000 Lincoln customers saw their savings vanish.

Read the rest:

Yeah, and what does an articulate woman,

know about 'Reality' when her family member was killed by political efforts?

HOW DOES THIS STUPID NON EXCEPTIONALIST NON PRO-BANKER know I can't deceive her like our TRUE Americans that have kept me in office?

youtube is changing our world, and the bad guys know it.

Went Right Over

John "I Know Better" McCain's puffy head.

That pompous, self-righteous gas-bag is as much a cold blooded killer as he claims Assad to be.

Powerful and beautiful. That

Powerful and beautiful. That brought tears to my eyes. She articulated the whole problem so well and made it so clear. She even mentioned that the nation is secular, the regular people are good, and that they should not be collateral damage. She presented as a fine person. What a great spokesperson against the propaganda. I hope someone sees to it to interview her on news programs and such. She has a lot to share.



God, I feel DIRTY just listening to people like him speak.

To utter his answer and move on to the next question as he does, he must have no humanity at all.

I agree

to respond to her by saying I have been to Syria also... she should have went off on him big time.

I agree

to respond to her by saying I have been to Syria also... she should have went off on him big time.

That's one for the history

That's one for the history books. McCain is a sellout to oil interests, the MIC, and a traitor to America.

I agree Michael

One of the VERY IMPORTANT POINTS she made in her first sentence. "I've supported you since the Keeting 5.

Looking at her back it's hard to guess her age, but McCrazy's response ...

was an oops. Who in America has thought about THAT in a long while?

We are past that, nothing to see there.

Debbie's picture

He unfortunately got a lot of applause for his answer. How can

anyone take him seriously after his online poker gaff at the senate hearing?


Applause was from his paid

Applause was from his paid supporter plants in the audience. These spook people are crafty.

Yeah, and it sounded like

Yeah, and it sounded like about 5 people clapping nearby the mic. When she spoke it sounded like the room clapped. Clearly there was a lot of support against the war in that room.

Just like Dr. Paul got booed,

for mentioning the Golden Rule.

Did you guys catch the part where McCain...

...was playing video poker while she pleaded with him?

[/sarcasm off]

Fair game

You bunch of politicians are "fair game" when you leave your ivory towers and decide to mingle with us commoners...I loved every bit of this woman's rant against the world's number one neo-con war monger.
I notice how McCain did not address her contentions of forcing Saudi Arabia and Iran to stop sending mercenaries to Syria.
Hey McCain if Assad is a butcher...What in hell do you think those ruthless rebels are? Much worse, and you will be giving them the green light when you start your bombing campaign.
Get it?

I've Got To Do It!

This is for you Syrian Woman