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Are Americans fleeing due to taxes? August listing of 1,130 expatriates highest quarterly number ever

Increase in expatriates

Each quarter the Federal Register publishes the names of individuals who are surrendering their U.S. passports. More than 1,100 people are on the list published in August.

As with the State Department data, the Federal Register does not list why the people no longer want to be U.S. citizens.

But the dramatic increase in expatriates this last quarter and the impending FATCA rules are hard to ignore.

Andrew Mitchel, an international tax attorney in Centerbrook, Conn., has been tracking expatriation data for several years. The August listing of 1,130 expatriates, says Mitchel, is the highest quarterly published number ever.

The total of expatriates through the first half of 2013 is 1,809, says Mitchel, making this year tops in the number of published expatriates. The previous year-long total was 1,781 in 2011, according to Mitchel.

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This sums it up pretty well

excerpt from one of the article comments:

"The US is the only country that bases its system of taxation on citizenship based taxation, rather than the world standard of residence based taxation. This results in a US citizen having to pay not only taxes where he/she lives (e.g. Canada) but also have to file US tax returns accounting in a very complex manner for 'worldwide' income. That, plus the draconian penalties and the requirement to file FBAR disclosing all 'foreign' (i.e. their local in country) bank accounts, and under FATCA the fact the person is a US citizen may well result in non US banks refusing to open accounts, give mortgages, or insurance are boxing these overseas US citizens into a corner giving them no choice but to renounce their US citizenship.

Americans are not leaving the USA and renouncing to avoid taxes. Overseas US citizens are being persecuted by the US Govenment tax policies, and treated in a way no other country treats its overseas citizens, leaving them no choice but to renounce."

The article does use the term "expatriate" in a confusing way as it generally refers to
someone living long-term outside their country of origin - and is not specifically linked
to their having changed citizenship. Being in the situation described, though, has got to
have lots of expats considering their options.

Not content with making it hell to stay in the US, the US government tries to make it hell to be a US "citizen" (actually, subject) outside the US and if that weren't enough they try to make those wishing to leave to pay through the nose and jump through hoops just to get fucking *out*!

Whereas with just about any other country the response would be more along the lines of "Well, if that's the way you really feel then well, it's completly up to you - good luck wherever it is you're going."

Wonder how soon we'll be seeing people making desperate bids to flee across the Great Lakes and Florida Straits in makeshift craft? Gonna be tough dodging those killer DHS drones...

America has been destroyed from within,

by Communist termites eating our her soul.

I still pray for an awakening back to reality and believe it is happening.

But the banking corruption has control of everyone's life for now.