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New Liberty Radio Show Live Tonight 7 pm EST

In association with the Treubig Show, the Allison Bricker Show launches on Tuesday 7 pm EST. The show was concieved out of DailyPaul discussions in particular with many of the chat room and forum regulars.

Allison can be found speaking here recently starting at the 5:55 mark:


Keep tabs on http://radio.smargus.com/ and https://twitter.com/theABshow for updates.

About Allison:

A known figure of the liberty movement for years, Allison debated Jack Hunter in 2010 advocating natural rights over Jack's notion of rights-by-law. Allison afterwards was with the Mike Church Show which airs on XM Sattelite Radio.

Most famously, Allison founded The Smoking Argus Daily which developed a large following in the years prior to and through Ron Paul's 2012 Presidential Campaign.

Politically, she advocates a full restoration of the Federal Constitution as the Supreme Law of the land. As such, she specifically advocates for the repeal of the 12th, 16th, and 17th Amendments. Additionally, she feels the 1st Amendment needs to be strengthened to cover all modern and as of yet undiscovered forms of communication. The Bill of Rights was written as a thesis based on inherent rights an individual is granted upon birth, not as a negotiated benefit granted by government. Thus protecting not only freedom of the press, but also of broadcasting via radio, television, and the internet will keep the original intent of the amendment intact . As it stands Allison feels the Federal government has usurped the 1st Amendment with the creation of the FCC and licensing of communications under the guise of “public airwaves”.