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Resolution To Keep U.S. Out of Syria Adopted by Over 40 Missouri Grassroots Groups in First 24 Hours!

Saint Charles County Liberty Project has drafted a resolution to be sent to all 8 of Missouri's Representatives and both Senators urging a NO VOTE on ANY military action against Syria, and in the first 24 hours over 40 Missouri grassroots organizations have signed on!

If you know any organizations in Missouri willing to add their name, please let us know! More info here.


A Grassroots Resolution Against Military Force In Syria

Whereas, the civil war in Syria has no immediate threat to the national security of the United States of America, and

Whereas, indisputable evidence has not been presented to the American people that the Assad regime has used chemical weapons against the people of Syria, and

Whereas, neither faction vying for control of the Syrian government is an ally of the United States, nor to representative government, and

Whereas, the use of military force has the potential to involve the United States of America in a broader conflict that could cost untold American lives, and

Whereas, the potential cost of another military conflict cannot be sustained by the American taxpayer:

Now, therefore be it resolved; we the Missourians, members of the grassroots groups listed below, hereby urge Congressman Lacy Clay, Congresswoman Ann Wagner, Congressman Blaine Leutkemeyer, Congresswoman Vicki Hartzler, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, Congressman Sam Graves, Congressman Billy Long, Congressman Jason Smith, Senator Roy Blunt, and Senator Claire McCaskill, to vote NO on ANY authorization of military action against Syria.

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What's the total at now?

What's the total at now?


I just love the St. Charles County Liberty Project

Have you contacted groups

Have you contacted groups from across the spectrum? For example, Missouri's chapter of the ACLU, food issue groups, peacenik groups, the socialists, the greens, NRA shooting clubs, LP of MO, farming associations, the knitting housewives of MO(don't think that one is real, but it's worth a shot), etc.