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G20 News: BRICS is "firing warning shots" at the IMF Central Banks

Key paragraphs:

Departing from his prepared remarks, Putin avoided explicitly referring to risks arising from U.S. monetary policy. But the message from the BRICS caucus of emerging markets, which met earlier, was unmistakably aimed at Washington.

China and Russia said vulnerable countries, including G20 member India, will need to take steps to rebalance their economies, ruling out bailouts for countries that have hit trouble.

China, often reticent on the international stage, urged Washington to be "mindful of the spillover effects and work to contribute to the stability of the global financial markets and the steady recovery of the global economy"

read more http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/09/05/us-g20-economy-idU...

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Waiting for the collapse of the FRN, return to "real" dollars.

There is a window of opportunity to buy in Brazil and other countries as the FRN is currently strong. One company that I suggest looking into for those into high risk is that of OGXP3.