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1 year anniversary of "Why does it Matter" and no link for Benghazi Embassy

Almost 1 year on, and still no link for an embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

Even at the time of the attack, there was no listing for Benghazi either... (August, 14th 2012, shortly before 9/11)
Search for yourself on any date, any year up to 2000. There was never an official embassy in Benghazi.

Everyone in the media called it an "embassy", except the US State Department. If there was no official "Embassy"
in Libya, why did they continue to call it such?

My guess is:
"Why does it matter now"- Hillary

The original one in Tripoli burned/destroyed in 1979 by an angry mob. But the current Tripoli embassy has been open since 2006.

original post at time of event:

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friendly reminder. The

friendly reminder.
The benghazi story is a political football. It isn't about Hillary, it isn't about Trey Gowdy, it's about continuing the illusion that something is being done or things are changing in Washington.

Southern Agrarian