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Poll: Half of GOP Voters in Boehner’s District Welcome Primary Challenge to Speaker

"A Sept. 4 Human Events/Gravis poll of more than 1,000 Republican primary voters in his congressional district, Ohio-8, shows 50 percent of them would welcome a primary challenge to Speaker John A. Boehner (R.-Ohio)."

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That is a new one on me. I live in Boehner's district...district 8 in southwest ohio. Over the years Boehner has had challengers from the left and the right but Boehner usually wins with over 85% of the vote. Last election cycle he ran unopposed...I wrote in Daffy Duck. We will see.

Does anyone know who would be his likely

successor to Speakership?

I know who I would choose

Constitutionally the speaker does not have to be a member of the house of representatives. So if given my choice it's obvious who I would choose, given the chance to do so. With 30 years experience in the house, an ability to reach across the isle, support of the constitution and a voting history supporting freedom, my choice would be Ron Paul. No one else is even close.

Now if only we could

Have a valid election system, people like this would never be alowed to puppet shill for the Rothschild Zionist bankers.


How many are willing to picket his home and local offices.

Or, better still, establish a vigilance committee and arrest him for the capital crimes of harboring war criminals and financing terrorism and torture? THAT is where "the rubber meets the road".

I'm a buckeye

And I am ashamed to have Boner hail from Ohio...

I will gladly campaign and donate to any unsurper, I don't care if its democrat, he's gotta go!