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Clearly explained why Orthodox Jews refuse to serve in IDF

Until you understand Zionism you do not understand anything that is going on. As a Christian I was taught to support Israel. That the "Jews" were God's chosen people. As I looked at all the communism and liberal BS that many jew's were supporting and spreading I thought, How can a Holy God support what they are pushing? I did my research, understood what Zionism is and God gave me my answers. Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9.


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It's ironic how.....

It's ironic how anti-semites are experts on Judaism.


The contest of Genetic Research

I found this article very interesting:


The agendas, debates, research, and perhaps pseudo-research continue, for whatever they're worth, if anything.

For the recored, my ancestry is in large part Ashkenazi, therefore perhaps Khazar, and I don't grant any of this any defining impact on who I am as a person - my fundamental identity is 1st, as Life, 2nd as Human - the rest, is just window dressing, arbitrarily decided by happenstance of birth - it is often fun and colorful, but on the dark side, easily made divisive and dangerous, and so should not be given too much importance. Human consciousness is the defining and unifying factor in our species - it is wise to focus on that and on evolving one's own to the highest possible brilliance.

Ashkenaz does not = Khazar.

That's a theory from the 1800s that has been disproven by DNA testing.

Ashkenaz patrilineal DNA shows a 95-98% correlation with Sephardic DNA.

Ashkenaz matrilineal DNA shows an 80-95% correlation with Sephardic DNA.

It is scientifically impossible for those results to represent a different ethnicity for Ashkenaz vs. Sephardim.

Was there some possible mixing? Sure. But the data shows a remarkably minute amount of it.

BTW: Article relates to the one posted by freedom express

Thanks freedom express, for pointing the way for me to find the one I posted in turn.

I recommend the one i just posted in addition to that FE's, because IMO it takes a more rounded perspective, including all sides of the debate, rather than taking it as settled and using that one aspect to try to fit in (however compellingly) with it's own agenda of supporting New Testament Prophesy, however accurate it may turn out to be.

Othordox Jews

Are like the Christians who are waiting for the Messiah (to return).

Orthodox Jews are not Zionists because they are not interested in any secular state. They are focused on the coming of the Messiah.

Christians who want Armeggedon are wanting a atste of Israel to have the return of Jesus.

Neither represent my interest in Israel..

Despite them both, Israel is thriving, and it's not our tax money.. our tax money buys investment opportunities for CEO of corproations who buy the patents and sit on them looking for a MIC lucrative contract.

It doesn't have to be like this.. all we ned to do is see what Israel is doing as a government.

Are the the global police? Are they bombing anyone in the name of anything but self defence?

Have you looked at therie mushaves and how they operate, why they succeed in business and security.

If you want to blame and complain, Israel is an easy target.. if you want solutions, Israel has them too. You just have to open your mind beyond the 80 YouTubes against Israel to the 1 that is not.

once again you have no idea

once again you have no idea what you are talking about..

So say you

And if I was looking at Israel from a religious perspective, I might even agree with you, but that is not Israel's appeal to me.

There are many religions, and Israel has those religions all within the walls, that they need, because there is more to Israel than religion and a holy land..

Within those walls is a thriving community of people advancing the human race with discoveries, inventions, taking on challenges from restoring rare life to changing the world we live in with their products.

The IDF is really brilliant, because it prepares everyone to be a cop.. so while some IDF may be retained for speciafic security jobs, they live in communities (mushavs) where they are the police.

In Israel, the people are not the enemy, the people are the solution. and it is that mandset, that I think we should adopt in America.

A Geneticist from

Johns Hopkins, who is Jewish, proves this prophecy could now possibly be empirical. It may not happen now, but there is no other historical account, other than the present, where this prophecy could be empirically fulfilled. http://truthtellers.org/alerts/Are-Jews-Really-Khazars.html

Please correct me if I am wrong

It seems to me that any supremist group that includes doctrine that teaches that their group members are chosen as better, greater than those who are not members mking non members lesser or inferior even as sub human or property would be rejected as the KKK was rejected.

Yet here we see christian parents and ministers taught to love the group that will not accept them as equals.

How can any one ever justify suport of any religion (Jewish,Christian,Muslim,Budist) or group (zionist,KKK) that teaches supremacy as the foundation of their doctrine?


Supremacy is not taught or

Supremacy is not taught or the basis of doctrine in many religions, especially in Buddhism.

People want to associate themselves with others where they can find common ground. I believe that for many the Sunday church used to be not just about God and religion, but about meeting other people as a community and building friendships, finding like-minded peer groups for their kids etc... It is a very human essence to associate and group things together. That human nature doesn't necessarily contradict libertarianism.

The subtle use of the words god's choosen

Whether its we are god's chosen through Christ as Christian or as Jewish or as Muslim or any other group implys that if you are not part of that group you are the opposite god's rejected, outcast, dammed to hell or such.

The use of this type of doctrine is to have members attracted to your group as well as to put those who are not part of your group in a lower spiritual position.

I see this as programing supremist beliefs in a very sneaky subtle way. Sure most come for the social atomshpere or the networking and not for the radical beliefs. No mater what they come for they leave as part of a supremist group if they take away the belief that we are better and they are not as good because they are not part of our group. Even to the extent of exclusion by some groups.


If you reasearch

the Scofield Bible you will find your answer.

You should check out Orthodox Jews United Against Zionism


If you REALLY want your mind blown, check out the connections of Satan, Saturn and the "Star of David".



Also worth visiting


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I hope Granger opens her

I hope Granger opens her mind.