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Bloomberg - Work Force Rate: 63.2%, Lowest Since 1978 (Video)

BLOOMBERG - Work Force Rate: 63.2%, Lowest Since 1978 (VIDEO)

Read more: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-09-06/payrolls-in-u-s-ros...

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The problem is that real

The problem is that real wages have not gone up, so while I agree that the number might look good, without the real income increases to make up for inflation then it is not a good number after all.

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Painful as it is, a positive sign IMHO.

Note work force participation exploded at the same time as "women's lib" took hold, flooding the work force with a massive new demographic. Economically, this backfired, and it has become necessary for one spouse to work just to pay taxes; nothing gained, nurturing of the children lost, and exponential growth of government the end result.
I see this statistic as a re-balancing back to the mean where a one income household can again pay enough to live in comfort.

Undo what Wilson did