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Is the Syrian conflict more about natural gas than poison gas?

There are a number of mega natural gas pipelines proposed and a number of huge gas fields recently discovered. Coupled with the new technology of fracking the world has an excess of potential natural gas reserves. As the world switches to natural gas for transportation fuel, electrical generation and other energy sources, what could happen to the price of oil? Consequentially what would happen to the petrol dollar with a drop in oil prices? In the past natural gas was flared at the well head and considered an annoying byproduct of drilling because it was not cost efficient to transport without a pipeline. Given the law of supply and demand, if these pipelines come on line about the same time, is the volume of gas available able to change the world dynamics of energy supply?

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How much natural gas will be made available

From the proposed gas pipelines being proposed? I understand it could be many trillions of cubic feet. Could it be that may be a threat to the petrodollar and OPEC? T.Boone Pickens has been proposing using gas as a transportation fuel, if a swtich to clean efficient natural gas were to happen, how would that affect the price of oil?