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When All Is Lost Government Takes Us To War: Jobs and Civil Liberties, All GONE!

When All Is Lost Government Takes Us To War: Jobs and Civil Liberties, All GONE!

Ron Paul said something on MSNBC that hit home. As Obama lobbies for war in Syria, Americans at home are losing their jobs and their civil liberties.

Everyday you can find numerous examples of federal and state authorities confiscating our guns, storming into our homes and killing our children and family pets, etc.

Throughout the centuries, empires have distracted their citizens from their domestic issues and talked of threats from other countries. Rome was a prime example, degenerating slowly into bankruptcy. They used the circus events and gladiators fighting in the great colosseum. It got so bad they blamed all of their problems onto the Christians, throwing them to the lions.

We need to wise up and learn from history how governments behave when they run amok wasting taxpayer money on useless ventures.

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So are you suggesting

that we throw all the representatives that vote "Yes" for Syria to the lions? Hmmm, you might be onto something here E. Boom!

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