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FINALLY, a police sergeant convicted of misconduct

By Helen McCaffrey

WILDWOOD — Part of the success of the United States is rooted in the value placed on the rule of Law. The community thinks so highly of this that those entrusted with enforcing the law are given more discretion than an ordinary person when it comes to the use of force. On Aug. 26 a New Jersey Appeals Court sent the message that there is a high penalty for abusing that privilege.

The court unanimously affirmed the conviction of former Wildwood police Sgt. David Romeo.

Romeo was found guilty in a jury trial on March 8, 2010 of a single charge of second degree felony for violating New Jersey’s Official Misconduct statute. This is not as severe as a first-degree felony but more serious than a misdemeanor.

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It's a good day when bad cops

It's a good day when bad cops are held to account for their criminal actions. It's an even better day when the 'blue shield' / 'blue code of silence' does not prevent the good cops from doing the right thing.


Good cops always do the right thing.

Those who look the other way when fellow officers do wrong, are not good cops.