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McCain Says 'Maybe We Should Legalize' Marijuana, Cites Economics and Mexican Cartels

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., told attendees of a Tucson town hall meeting Thursday that the United States might want to legalize marijuana.

McCain made the relatively unprompted call for drug policy reform when an attendee asked why the U.S. should intervene in Syria's civil war, but not in Mexico, where drug cartels are locked in a deadly conflict with the government and each other.

The 2008 GOP presidential nominee then launched into a lesson about economics to explain drug smuggling and said he was open to legalizing marijuana.


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Politicians can destroy a culture, but they certainly don't lead


McCrazy has gotten rich off of the MIC. He's NOT going to fight for the drug laws until they cut him in. And he's looking to expand his single issue voting base that is in crash mode.

He's going to pander. It's all he knows and it's made him wealthy.

He's a reflection of his voters (and the entire corruption they put up with), as is all of America.

holy moly, Weird Stuff indeed.

a friend with weed, is a friend indeed.

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Rand Paul 2016

He will say anything to prevent Nuremberg 2013...

McCain is guilty of international war crimes- So is O-bomb-ya. So is JK for all his lies... BTW the ol "I was just doing my job" didn't work for the Nazis.

(Charter, Article 6 (a))
V. Statement of the Offense

"All the defendants with divers other persons, during a period of years preceding 8 May 1945, participated in the planning, preparation, initiation, and waging of wars of aggression, which were also wars in violation of international treaties, agreements, and assurances.
Vl. Particulars of the wars planned, prepared, initiated, and waged..."

Even planning for Aggressive Wars against ANY country that has done nothing to US is plainly and simply A WAR CRIME!


McCain does this all the time

We he see the winds changing, he tries to say what he thinks these young libertarian kids think is groovy. He is such an old fart, that he can't he talk like a real libertarian. It's like a father trying to sound like his young son so his son will like him. It's pathetic.

That explains it

McCains back on the hashish! LOL


"Well, maybe we should legalize it," he responded, "we are certainly moving that way so far as marijuana is concerned, but I will respect the will of the people."

Superimpose this most recent pandering comment over his completely ignoring the will of the people over Syria!

I do not like this John McCain. I do not like him, he is insane!


even satanist like McCain ----> his heart can change.

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Thanks for the chuckle.

McCain ... with a heart ... what an odd couple that would make.

Anyone else notice the dig on Rand Paul?

Rand Paul is by far the biggest advocate of drug legalization in the entire Congress, yet USNews went out of their way to portray him as enemy because of his evidence-based medical opinion on cannabis.

I went through the author Steven Nelson's history and he seems to be rather non-partisan and pro-liberty, so I'm guessing that some dipshit editor Democrat shill at USNews put in the irrelevant Rand Paul link into the article, as it was out of place.

Why have a 'fake' war on drugs,

When you can have a REAL WWIII? McCrazy is all about compromise.

Windsock McCain...

Seems to follow the direction of money...

Or is it Windbag McCain.. he makes Benedict Arnold look like a nice guy.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

I thought it was Gasbag

I thought it was Gasbag McCain... he must've changed his mind.

Wow. King Dodge-ball over here....

Riddle me this: what NeoCon in the past have you seen supporting the legalization of Cannabis?

Anyone? BUELLER?

That's right. Not even Matthew Broderick was present.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

I think they are going to try

I think they are going to try legalizing marijuana to placate us.

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Only as a last resort! Free thinking is the last thing they want

Economics is secondary, because they can just just keep printing more.

Drug laws are all about control. Control of the American population and other countries receiving US dollars.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

The irony of this is that

The irony of this is that Cannabis causes people's perception to change and makes them more difficult to influence with BS propaganda. When I consume cannabis sometimes I dont even enjoy watching movies because I know they are acting the whole time, its the same with the news.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

I never used it, but I can

I never used it, but I can spot their propaganda ten miles off. :D

A few neurons seem to be

A few neurons seem to be alive inside that brain.


McCain is just trying to save his butt after getting schooled at town halls. This guy is such a joke and in the back pockets of the powers that be. Even a broke clock is right 2X a day.....just sayin...