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WW3: Syria is a Conflagration of Global Super Powers

IMHO,If the bankers are demanding a war (and I think they are), something is is going to be done to start it soon.


What will start it?


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What Would it Take?

What would it take to declare martial law, and jail/silence all the skeptics of the administration on the grounds of national security? What would it take to justify an outright war with Syria, Iran, Egypt, China, and Russia? Wouldn't Sept. 11th be a ideal date for a false flag that ushers in the new world order?



I'm convinced Syria is all about maintaining the petro-dollar. Making people purchase Energy with USD must be done for the bankers to maintain their power. They are backed into a corner right now and have no escape. And the weren't able to sell the war with their lies so what is the answer. Lie bigger and hurt people.


And they are running out of time. And public opinion is going against them.


For false flag warning.


For the PM crew.

Another Bump

For the folks coming out of the G. Edward Griffin Documentary movie screening.