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The U.S. government faces billions of dollars in potential costs if it decides to cancel foreign military aid to Egypt

Why should we as taxpayers be locked into arms manufacturers as a must buy for foreign giveaways and pay penalties if not doing foreign aid?

When the Obama administration decided last year to continue military aid to Egypt despite its failure to meet pro-democracy goals, U.S. officials cited as one of their reasons the fact that the termination costs could have exceeded $2 billion.

The U.S. government's foreign military sales contracts with Egypt include a clause that requires the Egyptian government to accept responsibility for the cost of those weapons even if it does not receive U.S. foreign military funding.

Despite that, analysts and former senior officials have said the U.S. government could face $2 billion to $3 billion in bills if it terminates aid to Egypt completely.


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Tell Egypt

They can send the bill to collections.

This sounds like a lame excuse to continue aid even after we cancel aid. There is probably no such clause, they are just floating this to see if the American people buy it. More crimes by the criminal elite.