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Syrian Girl's Speech at Hands Off Syria Rally

"We the nation that brought the world all three monotheistic religions, who have lived amongst each other peacefully for thousands of years, will not be divided, nor will our proud, ancient civilization kneel to foreign powers, to be our supers."

Syrian Girl Partisan addresses the Hands Off Syria Rally in this 5 and a half-minute video:


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KABLOOWIE! emalvini this was for you.

I finally remembered what we had in common. We both love kabloowies!!!

9-11 was a panda job.

Hey Chris

I just posted the newest update from her channel. If I'd seen you post I would have just posted it as a comment here.

I searched by date and this is all I could find...

but I had 'partisan' in the search. Either way, the more posts the merrier :)

9-11 was a panda job.