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Did the US sell supplies and war materials to North Vietnam during the war?

Please help me verify - or clarify - this history.

My father (an old John Birch Republican), before he passed on often commented on the futility of foreign wars and the manipulations of the Banksters to profit from both sides. His favorite example was this story:

During the 1960's, the US was selling supplies and materials to North Vietnam while sending our kids off to fight and die in South Vietnam. We even shipped those supplies on American flagged merchant ships. The West Coast longshoreman went on strike to protest loading american ships with american supplies used to kill american boys. The President (LBJ or maybe Nixon?) negotiated an end to the strike by agreeing that from then on all american supplies shipped to North Vietnam would only be loaded on foreign flagged ships.

Since I was only 10 or twelve years old then I have no memory of this. I have searched the internet for documentation of this story unsuccessfully. I have found info on longshoreman strikes during that period but nothing about loading supplies on american ships bound for North Vietnam.

Did I misunderstand or is this story true?

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